A dog with multiple personalities

Working dogs are a good match for most people. Sporting Dog Personalities Expect a sporting dog to be active and alert at all times.

The water dogs of this classification love swimming, as you can imagine, and would happily spend all day at a shoreline. You may think his personality is changing from minute to minute but it may be that he is able to tolerate so much, and then the stresses overwhelm him.

But they found so much variation even within a breed that they could never study enough dogs to get meaningful results. Many of these dogs act as guards, but as long as they're properly socialized they can be super friendly. Try going in the back yard, or a quiet part off the street to start your outside training.

Largely territorial, terriers will bark at anyone approaching their home or family. They also require a patient pet parent, as hound dogs are often interested in tracking sights or scents you may have no interest in. Their intelligence is a double-edged sword;if they don't think the training is important, they'll simply ignore all your hard work.

They don't require a lot of space, but they do deserve attention. Just because one group often produces friendly pups doesn't mean socialization and training don't play an important role in their development.

Patty was, for the most part, a lovely dog with a pleasant demeanor, however, in a matter of minutes, she could turn into a "total nutcase. Harsh discipline or training methods with this personality type could cause him to show aggressive tendencies or become more willful.

can dogs be schizophrenic
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Can Dogs be Schizophrenic?