An analysis of act iii in king lear a play by william shakespeare

Scene 7: Cornwall sends his servant to arrest Gloucester. This scene, omitted in the Folios, is in dramatic contrast to the preceding. In much the same vein as Robin Hood, Shakespeare here promotes a system where the rich would share their excess, their artifice, with the poor in order to even out the ranks a bit.

Lear demonstrates poor judgment throughout.

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Lear is brought in. Gentleman Give me your hand: have you no more to say? He hopes that Lear's horrific children will have revenge light upon them. All through the resolution Edmund and Edgar are prominent in the working out of the causes and conditions which are to bring about the catastrophe. Act III, Scene ii. The fool enters and then runs out immediately, claiming there is a spirit. In truth, we recognize this woman as more of a beast, a "bare, forked animal" than any of the characters against whom she is battling. Scenes Scene 4: Lear refuses to enter the hovel, being too distracted by anguish to let the storm affect him.

The cod-piece that will house Before the head has any, The head and he shall louse; So beggars marry many. Before the servant dies, he cries that Gloucester has one eye remaining to see harm come to the Duke and Duchess.

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Oswald gives Edgar letters. He will descend, it seems, as soon as he comes face to face with Edgar the reflection of madness he holds as philosophy and wisdom. Regan kills the servant. In his answer to the Knight, iv, , is given a glimpse of his nobler nature. All the leading characters of the opening scene gather to receive the reward of their deeds. Sir, I do know you; And dare, upon the warrant of my note, Commend a dear thing to you. Kent attempts to tell Lear that Tom has no daughters, but Lear can comprehend no other reason. Clothing, excesses such as Lear referred to when speaking to Regan and Goneril about the need of his train, is superfluous and a great symbol of the artifice Lear has finally stripped from his body. Cornwall answers that he will see no such thing, blinding one of his eyes.

Still, the storm is joining to help his ungrateful daughters in their unnecessary punishing of him. Before entering the hovel, Fool prophecies that when the abuses of England are reformed, the country will come into great confusion. One of the servants leaves to find him while the other searches for ointments to sooth Gloucester's wounds.

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Kent tries to persuade Lear to take shelter in a hovel he has seen nearby.

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A Summary of Shakespeare's King Lear: All Acts and Scenes