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Indigenous businesses are thriving — and the Government is supporting them to be even more successful through measures such as the Indigenous Procurement Policy and the Indigenous Business Sector Strategy. Clearly this method of back casting, where the figures are sort of revised—usually downwards—does create a level of opaqueness to how the national efficient price is calculated.

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I know in our case, without going to the content of the advice that we provided, the brief that we provided [to the Treasurer] would have gone to fairly general propositions rather than specific, concrete models Officials told the committee that work continued on a variety of tax options leading up to COAG. The Australian Government is implementing a range of measures to encourage Indigenous students to complete their university studies — because of the wider range of opportunities it provides to participate in the economy and contribute to community life. The details of that was a matter for discussion and subject to the states' interest. There is no requirement that COAG agreements be brought before parliaments and, when they are, they are presented as a fait accompli. It did not go to the detail of specific education arrangements. There was not a large-scale modelling exercise attached to it, but we provided a series of analysis and data. This did not end up in the final agreement. It found that the processes undertaken to raise and consult on this issue with the states and territories and the scant work undertaken within the government did not match the government rhetoric about its importance.

A list of witnesses who appeared at that hearing is set out in Appendix 2. This is likely to give rise to concerns about fairness, as well as introduce perverse incentives for governments to shift costs within the system. The Gillard Government has also committed to annual growth in school education spending of 4.

Prime Minister's announcement of 30 March and 'Statement on Federation' 1.

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We really need to wait to see the outcome in the federal budget next week, but we were promised a white paper and we were promised packages, and now it seems as though, in a decreasing spiral, we have gone from a root and branch review to items being slowly taken off the table one by one and the states walking away, in absolute terms, from looking at embracing greater taxes on consumption.

A well-functioning federal system strikes a balance between cooperation and competition.

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For this reason, COAG must not only drive change, it must itself be reformed. It needs to be better equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

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Professor Brian Owler, President of the AMA, told the committee: So the AMA has been very concerned about the funding formula that was put forward in the budget—basically, CPI and population as the formula for funding public hospitals.

The sustained effort over the past 10 years to close the gap in the areas of health, education and employment has delivered better outcomes.

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COAG: How to turn a 'parking lot for tough decisions' into something really useful