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Featuring young geniuses such as Dizzy GillespieCharlie Parker and Miles Davisthe younger generation of musicians saw themselves as artists, not as entertainers.

Armstrong had a great influence on Henderson and his arranger, Don Redman, both of whom began integrating Armstrong's swinging vocabulary into their arrangements—transforming Henderson's band into what is generally regarded as the first jazz big band.

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Some are fast to judge him without even knowing a single piece of music he had created. After Gertrude gave birth to a daughter, Armstrong's father never welcomed him, so he returned to his mother, Mary Albert.

Murrow followed Armstrong with a camera crew on some of his worldwide excursions, turning the resulting footage into a theatrical documentary, Satchmo the Great, released in Meanwhile, his longtime manager Joe Glaser died. Although race relations were poor, Chicago was booming.

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Some think of jazz simply as a genre of music that was born in New Orleans. Armstrong's version remained on the Hot for 22 weeks, longer than any other record produced that year, and went to No. However, Armstrong's southern background didn't mesh well with the more urban, Northern mentality of Henderson's other musicians, who sometimes gave Armstrong a hard time over his wardrobe and the way he talked. During the next 30 years, Armstrong played more than performances a year. Although subject to the vicissitudes of Tin Pan Alley and the gangster-ridden music business, as well as anti-black prejudice, he continued to develop his playing. Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Others say jazz comes straight from the rhythm of the heart. Accessed November 15, Adam reportedly got married in , and due to pressure from her husband left her role as a pianist for over two decades.

His mother then supported them by prostitution and leaving him with his grandmother. Louis Armstrong remains an icon of American history and 20th century popular culture.

He worked very hard to become what he became and did not let anything get in the way of becoming a musician.

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