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The atmosphere of personal freedom which he encountered in New York also fuelled his self-discovery. The process has been somewhat reversed in recent years. Throughout his career, Bradford, the city of his birth, and LA have provided a fruitful creative tension, with a Yorkshire sensibility being applied to west coast mores.

Schlesinger posed as the man in a pink jacket gazing into the pool.

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But some of his pictures from the early 70s continued to suffer from a rather lifeless appearance due to their over-reliance on photographic sources. Following in his father's conscientious objector footsteps, he worked as a hospital orderly rather than do national service. This was reluctantly granted by his parents but only after he had demonstrated the strength of his convictions with a campaign of non-conformity in the classroom, doodling and drawing comic strips in notebooks instead of working at his lessons.

Although initially shocked by the film's candour about his gay status as well as his relationship with the much younger Schlesinger, Hockney eventually approved its release. It's a great subject for artists, but how do you record it?

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In a composition that resembles a child's drawing, two figures kiss and embrace. Although initially shocked by the film's candour about his gay status as well as his relationship with the much younger Schlesinger, Hockney eventually approved its release. See also: National Gallery London. The Weismans are surrounded by their prized art possessions, among them an imposing modernist sculpture in a niche, and a totem pole that looks like it could be a third member of the family. As is its creator, all the more so since his recently concluded Tate-Pompidou-Met blockbuster retrospective. In , Hockney went to work in Paris for a short time, where he collaborated with Aldo and Piero Crommelynck, the former master printers of Picasso, to produce a set of etchings in memory of the great Spanish genius who had died earlier that year. In a poll of more than 1, British artists, Hockney was voted the most influential British artist of all time. The scale takes you by surprise. Having said that, there is such a thing as a market, and the immediate price of any given work of art depends on what the current market will bear, a number that in turn depends on all sorts of variables. It is too slow for movies, but too fast for a single picture, so it takes quite a few pictures to show the changes. There wasn't anything like that in London, or even in New York.

It was a hour city in a way London wasn't. He was drawn to the light and the heat of California, and first visited Los Angeles in

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Recognition within the arts profession continued to come his way. For the last few years Hockney has been based in Bridlington, where he has been obsessively exploring the always changing climate of rain, winds, snow — and sometimes sun — of the trees, plants, fields, lanes and light of the East Yorkshire Wolds. Out of this personal crisis — for it is apparent in the film and seems on all accounts true that Schlesinger was the love of his life — Hockney starts to paint this ambitious and brave canvas. If anything is worth such daft money, this is. And in , he began a series of self-portraits , enabling the viewer to see the man behind the brush, and exposing his vulnerability in the process. First and foremost however, he was a dedicated and highly motivated student, determined to explore as many art forms as possible in order to discover his own style. So big is the floor area that he has bought a fleet of wheelchairs for him and his team to scuttle around on. What really interested him was the way light scattered across the surface of the water, a wide, two-dimensional skin that could nevertheless be seen through—not unlike a painted image splayed across the canvas itself.
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