An analysis of various perspectives of life after death

Think of the people of Arabia before the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad. This attitude, however, is actually paternalistic and it is hardly acceptable since it conflicts with the duty to respect one's autonomy.

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Life on earth influences the life after death-if you live a good life here on earth, you will experience good life after death as well. In that case, life after death could be seen as an interruption cf. My wealth has not availed me. Plain and Precious Truths As Latter-day Saints, we can help bring hope into the lives of those living without God in the world by confidently bearing our witness of the truth about our existence: death is not the end.

Such a procedure would enable him to present collected data in a more comprehensive way. Hackettpp.

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Hence, the notion of life after death ensured the physical as well as religious survival of the community through the religious meaning attached to bearing children.

A 32 year old man from Ivory Coast was interviewed.

Life after death christianity

Fulfilling that responsibility is a sign of moral character and ensures the harmony between all elements of the universe Magesa, , p. Even me! Birago Diop, quoted in Taylor , p. My wealth has not availed me. There is no suffering, only happiness for a good person. The attempt to re-orient death toward life, in order to mitigate the dying anguish and the relatives' grief, is recognizable in the widespread disposition to encourage terminal patients to feed on their expectation of recovery, and to hide or even deny the irreversibility of their disease [ 8 , 9 ]. A person, who lived a good moral life, went through all rites of passage, died at the old age of natural causes, could expect to become an ancestor, to be asked to intercede on behalf of the community and to expect to be partially reincarnated through the naming process. A further level of analysis, was then carried out, comparing among the researchers their analytic processes, and achieving a consensus on what ought to be held as representative of the interviewees' points of view and beliefs. Smith [], — Both were closely connected and intertwined. Beliefs and practices centered on death are present and alive in the modern society. An ancestor would intercede for the living and protect them.

All interviewees also acknowledged that ATR is relevant to the lives of people. When a person dies, he is slowly forgotten, with the exception of great ancestors.

Qualitative and quantitative approaches.

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Life After Death: Exploring the Afterlife, Near