Aztec and inca compare and contrast essay

For many centuries the Aztec civilization revolved around an ideological, social, and political system in which expansion was the cornerstone. The Incas developed many things that we use today.

how are these aztec and inca homeland myths similar

The religion of the Aztec people was prominent in other aspects of Aztec civilization including military and politics.

Although the Aztec and Inca never had to face each other, it is interesting to compare them because of their dominant positions of extremely large and powerful tribes The Aztec's religion gave them the advantage over surrounding groups in Mexico because they retained this view.

Aztec and inca compare and contrast essay

Men farmed and hunted animals. The last difference between the Incas and the Aztecs is their language. Another aspect related with similarities of these two wonderful civilizations is their religion.

Compare and contrast inca and aztec government

Mayan men also helped construct large buildings such as temples and served as soldiers at times of war. Purveyors of scholarly and popular culture render them in various disparate ways: as victims of European colonialism, incompetent militarists, heroic forbears, barbarians, or authentic practitioners of native utopias and cults. At the age of 15, they endured tests of courage, strength, and discipline that lasted a month. Boys generally looked after animals and helped in the fields. Related Interests. The Incas had particularly different expectations. An Aztec legend said that Quetzalcoatl was driven away by another rival g Similar to the earth, the heavens are divided into four quadrants separated by a giant cross. Another aspect related with similarities of these two wonderful civilizations is their religion. After passing the tests, the boys swore loyalty to the emperor and received weapons of a warrior. The Aztec empire was in central Mexico. To sum up, the Incas and the Aztecs were pretty similar in some aspects like their organization, beliefs and technology but also different talking about the area they governed, sacrifices and language. The first aspect is that both controlled a large empire which was divided into regions and each region had a governor. The heaven is composed of thirteen ascending levels and the hell is composed of 9 descending levels.

The earth was divided into four quadrants and the four quadrants met at the main temple Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan, the Aztecs capital. The sons of nobles, however, were treated rather differently. Following him were the nobles, priests, and in the case of the Aztec, the military commanders.

The Aztecs had one of the most advanced civilizations in the Americas and built cities as large as any in Europe at that time.

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Comparison of The Aztecs and The Incas Essay