Best freelance writing companies to work for

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Maintained by an anonymous volunteer collective, the list is updated monthly. A simple Google search can help you find more. Onespace - A St. In addition, you can search for available jobs and pitch to potential clients to get hired. Craigslist Craigslist isn't the highest-quality job site, but with patience and perseverance, you may be able to find writing gigs to help pay the bills. Writer Access Writer Access is a website where companies can commission content. Talent, Inc. The key is to know when a job requires a change of mindset or a total overhaul. This data is taken from actual freelance writers and from company information.

Another benefit of remote freelancing: independence. Your hard work will pay off though as you begin to work with clients and build a reputation as an expert writer on the site.

best freelance writing companies to work for

The ideal length is at least words. Experts will then verify your expertise and proficiency before connecting you with potential writing gigs. There are many more magazines and websites that pay writers good wages for producing quality articles.

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Hubpages Revenue Share — Pays freelancer writers to write about their passions. As you work on the platform, you can build a reputation and long-term relationships with brands. The worst part of contracted freelance writing jobs?

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The 12 Best Freelance Websites For Writers