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Under this condition, private universities of China come into being.

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Combined enrollment in was 11, The advantages of their professional setting that more in line with market requirements could not make up for the lack of financial funds and students. One study estimates that only 1.

College in chinese

However, the higher education system does not meet the needs of 85 percent of the college-age population. In some populous provinces, the competition is extremely fierce, while, in some areas with more institutions, such as Beijing or Shanghaiaccess to a prestigious university is more attainable.

The northeastern city of Dalian, with its beautiful scenery and pleasant environment, is a popular summer beach resort. Boasting more than 1, years of history, they have become celebrated tourist destinations and are certainly worth visiting.

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Regional education development imbalance leads to the different treatment of students from different regions. One study estimates that only 1. Budget Cities Those medium-sized cities usually have a smaller urban population than metropolises but also enjoys convenient transportation. To achieve that goal, the government promised to increase the education allocation in the national budget by 1 percent a year for each of the five years following Historical Cities Historical cities generally served as China's political, economic and cultural centers during ancient times. Total graduate student enrollment was , The last substantial national evaluation of universities was in Home to some of China's top universities as well as thriving expat communities, these two cities are world-class. The results of this evaluation would be used to support the next major planned policy initiative. Types of colleges and universities[ edit ] In China, according to ownership-based categories of HEIs, the higher education can be divided into two categoriesState-owned or government-owned HEIs, including Regular HEIs , Independent Institutions , Higher Vocational Colleges , Adult HEIs , and non-government or private universities [25] Due to the long-time influence by Soviet Union and late development of private universities , it has deeply rooted in Chinese heart that government-owned is much better than private ones.

Student enrollment increased to 15 million, with rapid growth that was expected to peak in The results of this evaluation would be used to support the next major planned policy initiative. For example, Jingdezhen is a world-famed ceramic capital boasting a rich cultural heritage.

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English translation of 学院 ( xueyuan / xuéyuàn )