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When we serve others we begin to uncover many of the resources at our disposal - our time, presence and attention. Another activity I participated in was Student Council.

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I design and maintain web sites at my own cost and time and hold administrator and moderator positions in several popular online forums related to technology and computers.

The only payment I receive out of this is the pleasure and self satisfaction of helping others. It is natural for people to think about their condition and to search for the benefits.

During my high school career, I have put a lot of effort into my schoolwork and have challenged myself with many advanced courses.

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Although the preconceived notions about greeks are that hey all lie, cheat, drink, party all night, get into trouble, don't offer anything positive to society and most of all pay money to buy their friends. We went into their conference room where we set up the computer and the projector. They also mentioned it would be fun to be able to bond with special education students. Between her events, Shelia and I got acquainted. When you 're introduced to something new, you will gain a lot experience or knowledge in that new area. Additionally, I volunteered as a Special-Hands buddy. After all the discrimination they have endured they should be Where did it happen?

By completing the media report, I gained insight on what many people are exposed to when they want to read about community service in secondary schools.

Considering that UCLA emphasizes service and helping the community, I believe that more departments should incorporate community service hours into their curriculum and classes. Preparing students to effectively function in the real world is an important aspect of our education system.

I just wanted to get it over with. The kind of leadership activities I have been a part of range from scholastic activities to sports activities and community services. I asked about her favorite books and movies, as well as her hobbies and found we are alike in so many ways.

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My parents have been vital in my life, and without them, I would not be the person I am today. Personally, the donations and assistance I have provided are worth my sacrifice. Due to my abilities and previous experience, I can be considered a valuable candidate because I demonstrate the qualities of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. View our latest scholarships. The other five hours were at a nursing home taking care of the elderly. Wearing traditional clothing gives our elders a sign of appreciation. Our respect for our elders drives us to better ourselves as well as others.

I would volunteer at around 9 am during school hours and ends at 10 am.

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'character, leadership, and integrity'