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Desdemona has never even thought of engaging sexually with anyone other than Othello, but at some point in the play Emilia admits that she would be unfaithful to Iago in the right circumstances. This as a result leads her to think that adultery is okay. The Lottery…. Scene 3 The manner in which Iago treats Emilia is terrible as he verbally abuses her. The Character of Emilia First of all, Emilia is a typical woman. A powerful example was that she repeatedly tried very hard to help Cassia to get reinstated, unknowingly her actions solidified Othello suspicions which eventually led to the explosive burst of anger that resulted in her death. Desdemona is a noble woman, and a daughter of Brabantion. They do not have a strong and equal relationship displaying love. The fact that presents characteristics in her being modern is one way. A balance of the two characters is a demonstration of civilization. The two again, displays some similarities. Work cited: Ascheim, Skip. Their husbands are both officers in the military, as opposed to common soldiers serving as enlisted soldiers.

This play was able to show how love can alter persons perception of reality. Secondly, is how the two have managed to stand by their husbands during the good and tough times.

compare and contrast the relationship between othello and desdemona with that of cassio and bianca

She is outspoken as seen in one instance where she dares to rebel against her father. She thought her love as impregnable and the man she loved would be consistent.

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Since the beginning of the play, she knew that she wasn 't getting treated properly by her husband,nonetheless she stayed with him. Conclusion: Since its creation in the early sass, countless critics spoke highly of this play, Which is considered to be the most emotionally impacting tragedies in Shakespearean works. Michael Meyer. The flaws in her character — her dishonest nature and her cunning — place her in stark contrast to Desdemona. She was completely different from the conventional sense of the women of that era. This is not …show more content… Emilia chose to do what is expected and marry a man of her own kind. She thought her love as impregnable and the man she loved would be consistent. For example, in the fight for her marriage, she showed the rebellious spirit Of a new age woman who dared to challenge the patriarchal family. Emilia and Iago had a very complex relationship. However Emilie turned against her husband in favor of justice, despite the social expectations. By contrast, this is the exact opposite of the loving and trusting at least initially relationship between Desdemona and Othello. At one point, Emilia admits that she would cheat on her husband if circumstances were right Hollingsworth, Harriet and William, The relationship between Emilia and her husband Iago will be expressed as well as the relationship between Desdemona and her husband Othello.

It is in this part of the play that Desdemona tells her father. This is best shown in their intent to be faithful to their husbands. She mentions to Emilia that she would not cheat on her husband for the world, a characteristic that demonstrates the love she has for him.

compare and contrast othello and desdemona

This shows that Emilia is not really loyal. Then the similarities and differences between the two relationships will be compared. She was beautiful and kind, she was very down to earth to anyone, including the servants, Before getting married, Desman was active, brave, bold and confident; she was proactive and not afraid to take actions.

Due to her not getting the love she wants from husband, she develops the belief that women should be able cheat on there husbands.

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Othello is a black man,while Desdemona is white. Desdemona, a representative of the perfect embodiment of a faithful loving wife, eventually killed by her suspecting husband.

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