Comparing the industrialization of britain and

Allan, G. In the case of Britain, it possessed coal, iron, and wool, which Japan had to import from other countries. In terms of full-time students Britain is still only on the threshold of mass higher education; Japan is already moving towards universal higher education.

The concept is simple, water is heated by coal and the resulting steam acts as a driving force for the machines, similar to how the rivers flow powered the mills Live science, One of the major reasons that caused Industrial Revolution to begin in Britain and Japan is because of geographical similarities.

Elementary education also became necessary for boys and girls; this resulted in a more educated population, increasing the chance for job opportunities Huffman, Thus the British road to industrial higher education was largely a part-time road, Most modern universities began as technical or other colleges, mostly for part-time students.

Comparing the industrialization of Britain and Japan Two ships can arrive at the same destination; however that does not necessarily mean that they used the same route on their journey.

industrial revolution in japan and russia

The two kinds of ambition were fundamentally different. The feudal system became abolished; the freedom of business reflects the modern way of thinking the British had.

compare industrialization in japan with industrialization in britain

Whereas in Britain the sons of the elite at this stage avoided industry, which was left to the largely self-educated, trained in industry itself, in Japan the sons of the Shizoku, the ex-samurai who formed the majority of students in the universities, went indiscriminately into the service of the state and of private industry.

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