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You can touch it.

Actual product

You can touch it. Three levels of product are involved in any purchase. NPD can be driven by many influences from changing consumer tastes to the need to adapt products and services for local or international market. What is it that the customer really needs? Someone who has a habit of wearing makeup can see this core product as need. This is because its one area where its possible to be different from your competitors, which helps you to stand out in the marketplace. In a situation like this, look for the price. You buy the phone, the packaging, the functionality and so on. But since potential is included in it we are to expect such elements in the future. The augmented product can be an important way to tailor your product to meet the needs of specific customers. In some cases, it can trigger the sales to increase. Philip Kotler was the one who first theorized them. Above you can see the levels within the circles. This reveals that the levels of product build up on each other.

Products tend to have a whole series of features but only a small number of benefits to the actual consumer. That is why professional salespeople for example, often ask many questions whereas a novice salesperson will just tell you the features of the product.

What is the problem that needs to be solved? Answer Three Levels of a Product. Any many many more features.

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As we have learned, a product is more than what you actually see when you buy it. Whether the brand is perceived as a premium brand or a budget brand will form part of the actual product. Philip Kotler was the one who first theorized them. View all posts by Tim Friesner Posted on. So to know what can be taken as augmented product just ask what extras are offered to consumers other than what is needed and wanted by them. The straight answer to it is that she wants to enhance her beauty. Think of it as the benefit the consumer is buying. What is it that the customer really needs? The first one of the levels of product, the core customer value, answers the question: What is the buyer really buying? In the market also it can be helpful, for it facilitates product differentiation and achievement of competitive advantage. The first and most basic level is called the core customer value. You see that already the first one of the three levels of product is much more than the product itself.

The core customer value you buy is freedom and on-the-go connectivity. Published by Tim Friesner Marketing Teacher designs and delivers online marketing courses, training and resources for marketing learners, teachers and professionals.

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Marketers should turn the core benefit, the core customer value they identified into an actual product. All these factors at the second one of the levels of product relate to the core customer value.

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Hence, together they are the basic product. Becoming healthier is the benefit to the consumer.

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Three Product Levels (Kotler)