Corporate wellness programs

Employee feedback indicates these wellness initiatives are well received.

top 10 corporate wellness programs

Accenture On top of a huge program to help its employees with issues ranging from anxiety to substance abuse, Accenture also provides employees to resources for keeping active on the road. However, the company also encourages more tasking physical activity by covering the cost of the Bay Area Bike Share for all of its employees.

Corporate wellness programs

With trust at the center of employer-employee relationships, wellness programs can transform from shiny lacquer into authentic elements of an integrated, human system. Sometimes wellness programs are managed in isolation to everything else that is going on within an organization. Sparks Three words: five dollar lunches. If your short-term goal is to get your healthcare insurance costs down, you will want to find out what behaviors or activities can earn you premium credits with your company. Life Fitness It only makes sense that the companies that brought you most of your gym equipment would also go above and beyond in promoting fitness. Read More. The fitness centre offers team members an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a rock climbing wall, and access to personal trainers. Treat the Wellness Program as a Perk, Not a Benefit Benefits like health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance are non-wage compensations on top of your wage or salary. Candidates are more likely to choose an employer who offers an employee wellness program.

Lincoln Industry offers: An on-site health center that encourages healthy choices and helps employees manage critical health risk factors, including tobacco use, weight-related issues, and high cholesterol.

Are responsible for all aspects of the program including building a web platform.

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Commit to helping all employees participate and reward them for doing so. The people at Coupons.

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Tough Mudder Flex days are a relatively new concept embraced by a wide variety of companies, Tough Mudder included.

Key employee benefits achieved through Keas rollout: 95 percent will remain proactive in their health 91 percent would use Keas again 91 percent say Keas improved teamwork at their company 88 percent feel more positive about their employer after using Keas 87 percent say Keas is better than any other wellness program 87 percent would recommend Keas to a friend Other Market-Leading Solutions: Keas is one of the top employee wellness platforms on the market and can be customized to meet the needs of any-sized business.

The best part? Think about somebody you know that lives a healthy lifestyle. After several years of small, consistent, culture changes, the entire organization begins to look and feel like a place where people want to work and be healthy. Since then, particularly in the last 50 years, the conversation about workplace wellness has expanded dramatically as the economy has shifted from the industrial to the digital. A lunch and snack program will appeal to all of your team members—since everyone has to eat! It contains everything you need to get your leadership to support your wellness program. Organizations, invest in mental health education and develop flexible workplace policies. Dog owners know the truth.

It offers an on-site wellness center, health challenges with sizeable prizes, and a wellness committee to help perpetuate programs. Peer pressure from spouses and significant others can be a significant driver to engagement and without it your programs engagement will suffer.

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As you adjust the program offerings to address these issues to the extent you can, you will enjoy increasing utilization and benefits. As a part of their wellness efforts, the Zappos team schedules optional wellness adventures for their employees with the goal of getting away from their desks for a little while. Staff will need training and certifications. When companies use a benefits-based incentive strategy, the motivation to participate increases significantly. In fact, if wellness is to be a perk, you can do pretty much anything you want under the guise of wellness. BurnAlong , founded in , offers a more technology-oriented approach, providing company-wide fitness challenges and workout tutorials through a mobile app. Most vendors in the small business arena are web and mobile-friendly, and offer integration with popular fitness trackers. Many insurance carriers claim to have wellness programs for those companies they insure. Goodwill Famous for supporting disadvantaged and disabled people in communities, Goodwill also has a flare for inward-facing altruism; the company offers a robust wellness program called the GoodLife. It was difficult to communicate and engage remote workers in the company culture.

While I remain skeptical about the economic underpinnings of workplace wellness, I do believe organizations can and should continue to support employees in this way. The optimal vendor needs to understand change implementation, corporate behavioral management, fitness, sports psychology, motivation, nutrition, health assessment protocols, confidentiality regulations, and a host of other disciplines.

It means forging ahead with nothing but faith.

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A new survey by Virgin HealthMiles Inc. They are doing corporate health programs right! Manufacturers of audiovisual equipment, Draper, Inc is headquartered about 40 miles outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. A recent report found that 66 percent of employers who tracked wellness efforts observed increased productivity — and that 67 percent of employees who took part were more satisfied at work. In the U. While there is no one solution to this problem, there are several steps we can take, both as organizations and as individuals, to make work a place of humanity and compassion. That makes for a better organizational culture.
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45 Successful Corporate Wellness Programs Employees Will Love