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It is a story of a man ruining his perfectly good life just because he was selfish with what he had.

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At the center of which is a rectangular twenty- two yard long pitch. He points out the extreme care that the children take in creating their lanterns, and he sees the passion and enthusiasm they have while apparently searching for bugs along the bank and in the bushes The inky bodies blend flawlessly into the shadows beneath a bush or inside the garage The Cricket on the Hearth is a touching story of two young people in love, and the lack of trust that occurs between them.

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Players will therefore attempt to modify the ball's behaviour by modifying its physical properties. Since then it gained recognition and today there are fans around the world and matches gather lots of people who are dedicated to this game.

Cricket is famous in England and former British colonies. The game was earlier meant only for the kids and the children used to play that game.

The love for cricket did not happen in a day but has been nurtured by the consistent efforts of the players who play this game.

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The ball has a "seam": six rows of stitches attaching the leather shell of the ball to the string and cork interior.

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Essay about Cricket merits & Demerits