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The K to 12 curriculum follows a spiral progression of content. The required materials section is not presented to students directly, but rather is written for the teacher's own reference and as a checklist before starting the lesson.

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Or want to further what you know in the field you have chosen? Effective teachers do not only prepare lesson plans, they also prepare an assessment plan or specifically a formative assessment plan. It can also be a time to connect the new lesson to what learners already know. Scope of the Policy 4. The closure process could include engaging the students in a group conversation about the lesson's key topics or asking individual students to summarize what they have learned. Below are examples of different instructional strategies briefly explained Saskatchewan Education : a. The K to 12 curriculum views learners as active constructors of knowledge. Lesson planning 8. How should it be taught? It is a guide for instruction and contains details of what a teacher and learners will do in order to tackle a particular topic. The reason for setting objectives and goals is to make sure you know what you're trying to accomplish within the lesson.

That is, they can set a long-term vision of what learners need to be able to master in terms of content and competencies at the end of the school-year and endeavor to achieve this goal.

Planning lessons is fundamental to ensuring the delivery of teaching and learning in schools. The assessment section is one of the most important parts of any lesson plan.

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Lesson planning 8. We will be constantly adding new resources to this page, so check back often. After the Lesson.

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As defined in DepEd Order No. However, these materials should be used by teachers as resources, not as the curriculum. Lesson planning is one way of planning instruction. It is a guide for instruction and contains details of what a teacher and learners will do in order to tackle a particular topic. Teachers, therefore must use a wide range of stimulating and exciting materials to teach the concepts outlined in the curriculum to ensure that students are actively involved in their learning. According to Borich , direct instruction methods are used to teach facts, rules, and action sequences. It also helps teachers guarantee that learners reach those targets.

For purposes of this Order, the following terms are defined as follows: a. Schools may also use ICTs to store the lessons that their teachers prepare.

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