Eden project case study

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Once the structural frame layout had been determined through analysis, consideration could then be given to the Each piece of cushions of EFTE is determined positioning of the structure relative to the cladding envelope. Great Day Out A good example of how to engage harder to reach sectors of the community in designing spaces.

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Beyond Bricks Community arts charity Multistory used creative ways to help strengthen community links in the West Midlands. In addition to the succession of ''digital ground models of the site produced at various stages of its development, a board range of computational analysis techniques were used by Anthony Hunt Associates for the different types of analysis of the structural form.

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To achieve this, the cladding material had to provide high levels of light transmission, and structural elements had to be kept to minimum size and number. From scraps of land for play to large-scale developments which cross communities, this collection of examples should provide the inspiration and tools to help people think more creatively about how to engage communities in thinking about the future of places. The structure transfers loads to the ground uniformly around its base which helps to eliminate large footings that otherwise might have been needed to support such a large enclosure. This alternative offered considerable reductions in the weight of steel although fabrication complexity and the number of nodes increase considerably so the tendered cost was generally in accordance with the anticipated budget. This structure was called the hex-tri-hex. Read the case study. Dirt such as bird droppings is washed off by rain and the requirement for regular cleaning is minimal. At the end would be coming up with a framework that shows the bi-directional and mono-directional links of categories. This means the surface is extremely smooth and when coupled within the anti-adhesive properties of the material, gives a self-cleaning surface. These were fabricated in segments from curved tubes and the site welded together. Forces within a geodesic structure are uniformly distributed, and natural forms indicate that hexagonal structures are an extremely efficient way of absorbing stress.

Embedding outdoor learning Pensans School approached the Eden Project with a challenge. In general the impact of the Eden Project has been positive on the surrounding area.

Eden project case study

The soap bubble studies of Frei Otto were a significant factor in that process. School grounds development case study: Pensans Primary Key info School grounds development case study Focus on nature-based play and outdoor learning A team from the Eden Project worked with Pensans Primary School in Cornwall, to transform their culture of outdoor learning and play, while also developing their school grounds.

This meant not only looking at the playground, but also how it was used in both lessons and playtime. It was not possible to align the nodes on either side and this was exacerbated as the geometry of each dome had been scaled to give suitable cushions dimensions. A detailed study was conducted using a scale model of the biome complex and surrounding quarry in the wind tunnel at British Maritime Technology Ltd.

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School grounds development case study