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This leads to temperaments rising high more often. A lot of efforts are thus required to curb some of the youth issues. In the underdeveloped countries also, young people are feeling disgruntled because their visions of a happy future are being obliterated either by internal strife or by political opportunism.

A profound change has been coming over it for the last quarter of a century.

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In such a scenario, it is quite normal for any middle-aged adult not to recognize teenage problems. Imagine our youth all over the country being exposed to this explicit kind of language.

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Sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence are the results to all of these problems. The individual projects his own set of beliefs and understandings and questions the validity of those set by parents or other grown-ups. Growing affluence in the developed societies of the West has generated among the people there a restlessness, which pines for instant rewards. The youth issues affecting the youths may be similar in most of the societies. When parents expect children to keep them informed of where they are, when they would be back and how to reach them; the parents need to be a role model for such conduct. Poor communication leads to unhappy family relationships like weak emotional bonding, excess family conflict and ineffective problem solving. These questions are ones that many researchers have found extremely intriguing since the popularization of social media in the last decade. The research has been implemented by surveying 2, companies in The most important thing however when dealing with the youth issues, is looking at the issues and their root causes.

What is really important is that it is treated with understanding so that it can develop its faculties to reshape the world it is going to inherit in accordance with its noblest vision.

Both share the sin of arrogance, which is the enemy of freedom. The children have all the money they need, and seldom face the need to work for a living. When a child makes requests, each request must be listened carefully for more details.

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Craig Anderson states that with more violence in video games they would sell better than games with less violence Anderson, Gentile, and Beckley pg. Since then every decade video games have become more violent in nature with strong language and realistic to suit society today.

Education systems should incorporate youth issues in the system so that they are addressed and dealt with even before youths get involved.

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