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However, the legislature may override the President's veto if they can muster enough votes.

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As emerging nations struggle to identify themselves, they are also debating which form of democracy is best for them. Democratic governments are those that permit the nation's citizens to manage their government either directly or through elected representatives.

Some are born into positions which already confer affluence and power, so success to them might lie merely in the preservation of the family business or estate and perhaps its enhancement for the benefit of the next generation.

The most important aspect of WAT is how do you the approach the topic as it is going to test your knowledge and understanding with your way of presentation. Besides his regular corporate job, he has written a number of books and articles for various reputed publications and has taken several guest lectures and seminars across the country.

You can complete this essay in your own words…. In a 'love' marriage, two persons fall in love and get married, with or without the permission of their families. Party members in parliaments almost always vote strictly along party lines.

Ability to recollect the facts and examples, and insert them at the appropriate place d. It is recommended that you read newspaper and listen to news so that you're well tuned with current affairs.

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Ability to write effectively with correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation in good handwriting How to begin, form the body and conclude a. Reliance Industries refused to sign the contract for supply of gas.

The following points are worth noting 1.

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Other anxieties may be created when a large number of people become dependent on a financial empire.

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WAT Essay Topics For IIM's & MBA Admissions