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Christensen and Hewitt-Taylor pointed out the barriers it presents to the empowerment of patients, but there are parallels within nursing itself.

facilitation of learning in nursing mentorship essay

To achieve this, I will focus on developing a closer working relationship with the students to ensure all competency issues are identified and addressed timely. Currently, I am finalising my training as a qualified mentor.

Facilitating learning in practice

This intervention will ensure evidenced-based practices and the standardisation of performance of procedures in both the clinical skills laboratory and in clinical facilities. The aim and focus of each approach may differ but the key guiding principles are the same. Finally, mini peer assessments encompass a team of qualified professionals that offer feedback on the performance of an individual. Reflective Commentary Mentorship is an important leadership characteristic Zachary, To some students, best practice was to see the whole procedure demonstrated without any discussion, and then to discuss it later. He observed how they were willing to share, not their knowledge or expertise but their ignorance and the problems they encountered in their work. The questioned used in the assessment were open-ended to allow the student to offer the rationale behind their action path. They listened to each other and asked open questions rather than claiming to know the answers or instruct. In these examples the supervisor may be an expert, or more knowledgeable in the specialty than the supervisee, and there may be a more formal contract in place. Fundamental to this is the exploration of the beliefs that underpin and guide personal practice as they become apparent in actions and attitudes. It seems, whatever the area and context in which workplace learning is used, a prerequisite is enthusiasm for the role and an understanding of its remit. However, the document is limited, as it does not consider all competence assessment aspects Myall et al. Clinical skills can be recorded and made available to students to access on the student learning online portal. I offered the student a feedback session with the aim of promoting proactive learning relation with the student Murray et al.

Developing good facilitation skills can enhance practice in many aspects of day to day work. Conclusion The findings of this study suggest a need for all nurses involved in clinical facilitation to reflect on how they plan and conduct their clinical facilitation in the clinical skills laboratory and in the clinical learning environment.

It has also enhanced my perception of the concept of professional and personal development. For example, a nurse undergoing a leadership development programme may choose a local nurse leader to offer mentorship on, for example, how to manage a team by motivating and inspiring.

Adoption of this approach of leadership in nursing promotes autonomy as well as enabling the students to realise their full potential.

Facilitating learning and assessment in practice nursing essay

However, in the same study it was found that placing students in a negative practice environment for an extended period was not valuable to student learning Levett-Jones et al. They listened to each other and asked open questions rather than claiming to know the answers or instruct. Further, I considered this assessment to be a direct observation of a procedural skill where I was available during the whole process while offering feedbacks and assessments on the process NMC, This is effective as it encourages the student to be actively engaged in the assessment program and also creating a better relationship between the mentor and the student Zachary, I considered this to be vital in the profession of nursing due to the importance of pain assessment skills in nursing care as it is classified as the fifth vital sign in nursing Murray et al. Furthermore, my speaking speeds need to be slowed to ensure effective communication. Reflective Commentary Mentorship is an important leadership characteristic Zachary, Principles of facilitated learning The strategies available to support and facilitate learning in the workplace, although different in some respects, do share similar approaches and skills. Through demanding and instilling high standards of professionalism during assessments, practice-based learning makes sure that nursing students are able to effectively practice before they are registered as nurses Myall et al. In addition, the supervisor may be reluctant to fail an incompetent learner due to perception that he process is too complex or general poor assessment, this also posed a challenge in my practice.
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Through the eyes of the student: Best practices in clinical facilitation