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T-bills are short-term securities that mature in one year or less from their issue date. Individuals and firms use financial services markets, to purchase services that enhance the working of debt and equity markets. The commercial banks are described now a day by many agents of economic development and social change. Thus this rate reflects the supply and demand behavior of bank reserves, and hence, gives important signals to the central bank to understand the market pressure. Crystal Insurance Company Ltd. Sunjida Hossain Financial System of Bangladesh The Financial System is a set of institutional arrangement through which surplus units transfer their fund to deficit units. While fixed income instruments are the epitome of long term finance options, the size of tradable government bonds is small, secondary trading is rare, and more critically, public issue of corporate bonds may remain suspended, as it has been the case in Bangladesh since [Hossain and Azim, ].

So as to reduce the cost of transaction of financial assets. Sunflower Life Insurance Company Ltd. Continental Insurance Ltd. The Bank will not be responsible for any loss or damage occurring as a result of wrong quotation of account number. For that purpose, SEC has licensed 9 institutions as Trustees and 9 institutions as custodians.

Certificate from the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies that the company is entitled to commence business in case of Public Ltd.

Credit rating, stock broking etc. Capital market: The primary segment of capital market is operated through private and public offering of equity and bond instruments.

The risk tolerance factor and the expected returns from the investment play a decisive role in the selection by an investor of a capital market instrument. Intermediaries At present, capital market intermediaries are of following types: 1.

A company can raise money by selling shares to investors and its existing shares can be bought or sold. The exchange rate is being determined in the market on the basis of market demand and supply forces of the respective currencies. Banks popularly lend money in the form of loans and mortgages.

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Inefficiency of BFIs in long-term loan management has already leaded an enormous volume of outstanding loan in our country. Sadharan Bima Corporation Gen.

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Financial System of Bangladesh