Freelance writing markets

Freelance writing markets

Want to write about your own entrepreneur journey or report on business, branding and entrepreneurship? Check out this list of 36 paying markets, and start pitching…right after that terrible-twos tantrum is over.

I have often had editors come to me asking for something to fill that slot.

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So, you postpone the client-hunt because paying the electricity bill next week is more important. Her second is on its way. Looking for writing jobs for stay at home moms?

Freelance writing jobs for beginners

Carolina Parent This monthly magazine features stories and content for parents and families in North Carolina. Or gets sign ups. But if you can get your head around the idea of taking challenging assignments that offer less glory but great paychecks, there are many possibilities. Have an idea for a blog post or video about coaching? You can make money writing about toddler meltdowns, diaper fails, play-date destinations, and the business of being a mom. When in doubt, have someone else read them to give you a second opinion. Inclusivity is important. Entrepreneurs and business owners ask those kind of questions all the time. Share it below in the comments. The need for well-written content increases with the continued evolution of the internet, meaning the need for freelance writers as content providers will only continue to grow. Got a story idea about B2B technology in the cannabis industry? Offering to review books for pay, of course is a good way to break into some of the larger publications. Spend some time writing a highly-clickable headline.

The Points Guy Ever tried to travel cross-country with kids? From running whitewater in upstate New York, to surfing on Block Island, to snowboarding in Vermont and exploring the vast wilderness of northern Maine.

freelance writing jobs

The wealth of free reviews has reduced pay or ended paid reviews altogether at most publications and websites.

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Freelance Writing For The Christian Market