Genographic project results

Your ancestral journey may have grown thanks to our new understanding of internal branching patterns of the tree and of events that occurred between 10, and 60, years ago as humans moved to populate every corner of the earth.

How will the results for a male and a female participant differ? The new Y tree is therefore the global genetic map of these known mutational events that show how we are all distantly or closely related.

See also the author's report An experimental computer-generated Y-chromosomal phylogeny, leveraging public Geno 2. One of the participants was the Aviles Mayoress, Ms. Each participant wore a special badge provided by the Mayo County Council labeling them as a Geno 2.

How do I know what Geno version I have? This kit is processed by our partner lab, Helix.

genomic project

Haplogroup K Gareth Henson is collating Geno 2. The kits were available worldwide. Ask for advice on the U Yahoo mailing list. What is the new mitochondrial DNA Tree and how does it affect my results?

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What the National Geographic Geno ancestry test with Helix is like