Gibbs reflective cycle and nursing handover

Description What sense can you make of the situation?

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Dawn, In order to be able to use this situation for my Although the initial handover did not go to plan this in turn has prepared me for future handovers.

By implementing the five rights of drug administration, as previously described by Griffiththis will always ensure best practice and enhance my nursing Through the stages of clinical competence, I feel as though I am now developing my nursing skills and am progressing through the five stages of clinical competence from novice to expert Benner I also felt regret and guilt.

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It is that form of practice which seeks to problematize many situations of professional performance so that they can become potential learning situations In this essay, I will discuss the importance of communication in developing nurse-patient relationship.

During the consultation the patient mentioned that he felt that the spots on his face made him unattractive to the opposite sex. During my career as a professional nurse I have worked in several hospitals also attended several cases and those provided me with lot of insights and leanings.

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Reflection requires self-awareness and analysis Schutz et al, Related Introduction There are a number of different models of reflection that are utilised by professionals to evaluate past experiences.

Finally it will underline the feedback from my mentor

Gibbs reflection on handover

Step Four Analysis On reflection, being able to relate to the patient increased my ability to deal more effectively with the situation. Enhanced with my gained knowledge regarding drug administration and the importance of concentrating whilst administering medication, I aspire to rebuild my confidence and hopefully never be put in the same situation again. After the study I acquired 3year of experience from a super speciality hospital in New Delhi. The video initiated as the paramedic staff informed the client, Sally that he was going to handover the related information to the nurse. It is important to genuinely care about patients and to provide them with the best care possible. Finally it will underline the feedback from my mentor Forbes, H. Therefore, giving the patient more time to discuss his problems may have improved his sense of wellbeing as he felt more involved in his care process. She called an ambulance, whereby a FRU car arrived, followed by a backup ambulance crew. It will also demonstrate how reflection enabled me to make sense of and learn from this experience, as well as identify any further learning developments needed to improve my practice and achieve the level of competency needed for when I qualify as an assistant practitioner.
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Reflection on Nursing Handover