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The rest of the team began work on Jak as well after the release of the PlayStation 2.

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Don't fall into the Dark Eco. The duo, worried by what they are seeing, prepare to leave, but are soon discovered by a Lurker guard. I can only see the 'E' and 'I', which cover has the others?

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The four original letters resemble the Latin alphabet even closer than the common ones, so I think its worth replacing and saying those four letters are different.

We have the compass uploaded but with the proper NWES lettering. And I kind of miss them, actually. Where exactly is it?

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Well, that's why Jak has the classic videogame Double Jump. You can make the camera zoom in by pressing up on the stick and you can make it zoom out by pressing down.

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The primary enemies of the game consist of beasts known as "Lurkers" led by the antagonists Gol Acheron , the Dark Sage Dee Snider , and his sister, Maia Jennifer Hagood , who have been turned evil by the effects of the dark eco they studied. You can't just change the letters on a supposedly accurate compass for convenience. I guess it's not too hard to re-do it and add the alternate forms to the mainpage. Information has to be proven notable to include. Samos explains that only Gol Acheron, the Dark Sage, can reverse the transformation. I tried to make the change myself once and got my privileges taken away, which makes sense because a lot of kids like these games. Well, that's why Jak has the classic videogame Double Jump. The two boys live with Samos, the Sage of green eco, and father of Keira , who is implied to be Jak's love interest. They might also offer to give you one of their very own. It will take some time but be done eventually. Talk to every character that you're able to speak to because they'll often give you hints about where to find more Power Cells. But just because it doesn't align to the standard, family friendly fare, doesn't mean it isn't an Easter egg worth mentioning. If we want, as a wiki, to provide access to all in-game information, no matter how minute or tangential, maintain interest and enable art by members of the fan base of which we are presumably a part, it becomes useful to give visuals of every variation in a font to be presented as they were found, discussed fairly, contemplated, and eventually used in fan art as extra symbols for people who really like leaving messages in Precursor. And I can agree on the compass retracing.
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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy