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Getty Images Have you noticed there's a difference between a good leader and a great leader? The first thing that we must establish is that when we are given authority in an organization we actually have three hats that we must wear: Our Supervision Hat, Our Management Hat, and Our Leadership Hat.

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Look at the image above. Neelam Makhijani is chief executive of the Resource Alliance For more updates and opinions on the challenges and opportunities facing the voluntary sectorjoin our network or follow us on Twitter GdnVoluntary.

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Doing leadership actions or holding a leadership position does not make you a leader. The best leaders, for instance, are those who don't back down in moments of crisis.

Having great managers is critical to any team's success.

Leadership making a difference quotes

Here are a few examples: 1. Or, it might require that you take a different role. She built the team. Build them up and encourage. I didn't feel like a great leader and I wasn't a great leader, but I had to realize that part of the reason was due to the team not functioning well together from the very beginning. To make decisions is leadership. Usually this requires feedback from others, because we are blind to our own contradictions. But in private, she consistently found flaws with most new programs. I was doing all of the right things. As she worked with a coach, she was able to understand how her mindset was sabotaging her development as a leader.

I was educating and encouraging. I made a small chart to divide where I see the differences.

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Are You A Boss Or A Leader? There’s A Big Difference