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We include, for example, a step-by-step presentation of how students can develop topics, generate ideas, and formulate a strong thesis, and we show how an early draft is revised into a more precise final version.

literature an introduction to fiction poetry drama and writing 11th edition

We have added a fascinating casebook on T. By revising Literature, we try to help keep this conversation fresh by mixing the classic with the new and the familiar with the surprising.

Literature an introduction to fiction poetry and drama 8th edition kennedy and gioia

The new edition of Literature presents three plays by ShakespeareOthello, Hamlet, and A Midsummer Night's Dreamin a new illustrated format featuring dozens of production photos. Latin American Poetry Chapter The innovative bilingual chapter on Latin American poetry introduced in the previous edition proved very popular. Casebooks on Major Authors and Literary Masterpieces We have made substantial changes in our casebooks in the new edition. Our aim has been to provide everything a student might need to begin an in-depth study of each author or work. Alfred Prufrock. These special chapters present a variety of materialbiographies, photographs, critical commentaries, and statements by the authors. Both editors of this volume are writers. This book is built on the assumption that great literature can enrich and enlarge the lives it touches.

Aimed at undergraduates getting their first taste of serious literary study, the volume will help students engage with the humanities canon and become critical readers and writers ready to experience the insights and joys of great fiction, poetry, and drama.

The major scenes in all three Shakespeare plays are now illustrated with striking production photosdozens of them. Our aim has been to provide everything a student might need to begin an in-depth study of each author or work. We continue to include substantial chapters on five major authors Flannery O'Connor, Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Sophocles, and William Shakespeareand we now supplement those author casebooks wTith four new casebooks on popular works frequently used by students for critical analyses or research papers.

An accompanying audio CDnarrated by actor Sir Derek Jacobifeatures recordings from memorable productions to contrast different interpretations of the play and its characters.

Eight papers are found in earlier chapters on Fiction, Poetry, and Drama.

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Literature Introduction Fiction Poetry Drama Writing Anchor