My visions for india

There are millions of such achievements but our media is only obsessed in the bad news and failures and disasters.

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The one that launched Rohini. When the Gulf is war struck, we demand to be rescued and brought home by the Indian government.

My visions for india

Another question: Why are we, as a nation so obsessed with foreign things? Conclusion: Dr. Conformity in Foreign Countries but Detached in Motherland: In India, we the people blame the government for being inefficient, the laws for being too old, the municipality for not picking up the garbage etc.

We need to incorporate our indigenous systems of medicine Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha in the delivery of healthcare and encourage our medical fraternity to incorporate these as part of a holistic healthcare package.

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We are the first in milk production. When New York becomes insecure we run to England. When it comes to burning social issues like those related to women, dowry, girl child and others, we make loud drawing room protestations and continue to do the reverse at home. In three weeks, we made these floor reaction orthosis gram calipers and took them to the orthopedic center. When the same Indian can respect and conform to a foreign system in other countries, he cannot do that in his own. I believe that India got its first vision of this in , when we started the war of Independence. I asked her what her goal in life is.

India must stand up to the world. What do they expect the officers to do? We all have to lend a hand to the Prime Minster to realise the Bharat of our dreams. YOU would not dare to go out without your head covered in Jeddah.

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I have three visions for India : Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam