New product development strategy for google

In a talk given at Stanford inMarissa Mayer stated that presentations about new products made to the executive team had better contain plenty of supporting data.

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It is quite possible that what Google learns across various media as it solves problems for the ecosystem partners may position it to become the competitor that it now claims not to be. Thomas H. At your business, think about whether your business has any unique insights or information assets that can be used and combined to innovate something new.

The company certainly cares about accumulating customers, but its executives believe that over time the business model and the money will take care of themselves.

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Based on our years of observing how Google does what it does so well, we have identified a number of key innovation practices that others can profitably adopt. There is no grand design for how new offerings fit together. These purposeful investments in hardware, operating systems, and database management enable the company to exert control from end to end and to enhance such services as Gmail, Maps, AdWords, and the advertising placement system AdSense.

Google has a massive amount of data available.

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New ideas at Google are often generated by employees, from the bottom up, in a prescribed system of time allocation. For example, to help customers understand the value of their advertising with Google, the company bought a web analytics company, renamed it Google Analytics, and now offers customers free tools for assessing online ad effectiveness.

Before becoming an authorized project, an idea must pass through a qualification process.

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A look at Google's New Product Development and Innovation Process