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Oil was becoming more and more interwoven with everyday processes and it found new uses and markets. The company is a fully integrated global enterprise. There is no substitute of Mobil as lubricating oil.

The presence of oil in India was discovered in late at Digboi in Assam where the first crude oil refinery was set up in Its products underpin modern society, mainly supplying energy to power industry, heat homes and provide fuel for vehicles and aeroplanes to carry goods and people all over the world.

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When it comes to heating purposes, the high boiling point of the oil is good for cooling systems and the non-polarity quality of oil makes it very significant for lubrication for various engineering purposes. They use these as raw materials. Kenneth Kenneth, p 36 asserts that in the industrial and domestic buildings, oil is used for heating hence making oil one of the most commonly used products at home and in industries. It would direct unprecedented power and prestige to heretofore-backward nations and regions and make the Middle East a crucial factor in world politics. The companies have been experiencing increased competition for oil in Eurasia and Middle East. Consequently, this makes the nations promote political agenda that does not affect the business deals. The presence of oil in India was discovered in late at Digboi in Assam where the first crude oil refinery was set up in In the home: contact lenses, cosmetics, clothing, fabrics, nail polish, deodorants, shampoo, paint, upholstery and carpets, detergents for washing up and laundry, dry-cleaning fluid Therefore, the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia caused a dramatic increase in the revenue of the country. There have been numerous attempts to minimize the depletion of these two resources. Drake at Titusville, Pennsylvania in U. Crude oil has never been a necessity, but a luxury in our everyday lives.

This influences the political relations between the nations. Engdahl Engdahl, p 23 asserts that in Europe and the United States, oil and oil-derived products in the transport industry account for about one third of the total amount of energy consumed in the world.

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This sector has maintained the lead in the consumption of natural gas and it is estimated that bythe industrial sector will account for 43 per cent of the projected use of natural gas.

The oil deals made between the national oil companies and oil producing countries has encouraged good diplomatic relations between nations.

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To maintain power and oil security, the Allied nations formed the United Nations which up to date allows the nations to promote the achievement of their political agenda. The desire by nations to attain economic prosperity and financial independence influences the diplomatic and economic relations between nations.

Industries in the modern economies rely heavily on oil to produce commodities and natural gas which is produced from oil fields is a major raw material in fertilizer production.

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Oil of course has many uses in our world but is not fundamental in the survival of life. Complexity is on an increase in the oil market, having impact on the oil prices with a variety of factors. Essay on The Importance of Crude Oil - From the middle of twentieth century, due to exceptional importance of the crude oil in the supply of the world's energy demands, it has become one of the major indicators of economic activities of the world. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. However, many people do not consider oil to be of great significance because they only associate it with the diesel or the petrol that they use for transport purposes. The fluctuation of oil price has reached an unprecedented level, with the world crude oil price widely swinging per barrel over the months. The high demand for paints has been increasing over the years as modernization result to construction of buildings in urban and rural areas. Every single family should carry the responsibility of conserving state-owned resources. The largest crude oil producing country is Saudi Arabia followed by Russia and America. Petro-chem and chemical industry supply a host of products to other industries.
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Essay about The World Importance of Oil