Pgce assignments

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Still, at least my ski goggle marks will have faded enough for me to not look utterly ridiculous on my return to school. It also means that, for those with perfectionist tendencies, there is a time limit: it's important to learn that you do as much as you can, and then you stop.

The response I've had from my classes has varied dramatically from open rudeness and hostility from year 11 boys to squeals of excitement from my lovely year 8 class and a friendly welcome back from year The big lesson I've learnt this week is to understand the level of the students you're teaching, which means pitching everything a lot lower than you might expect.

It's not a nice feeling making a child cry, but I hope now to have established my boundaries with the class.

Pgce assignments

A PGCE is usually taught as a full-time postgraduate course so expect at least 40 hours a week of lectures, as well as time needed to do assignments.

I taught three lessons in a row yesterday, and by But as with all university "vacations", the mulled-wine-infused stupor was, even in late December, tinged with the guilt of that distant knowledge that we had two assignments to hand in mid-January.

How much time will you spend preparing lessons and teaching? I've been talking extensively to friends and colleagues about the realities of working in tough, urban schools.

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Surviving your PGCE