Porter or mintzberg whose view of strategy is the most relevant today

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This worked well in its day, back in the 80s and part of the 90s, wonderful times now looking back on it, when the past was quite helpful in predicting the future. As an engineer myself, I can safely say I have never designed in isolation from other engineers and non-engineers, and I love Simon's reference to and reverence for "everyone". Yet when I consider their most recent respective work I see that they are looking at two not dissimilar topics, albeit in different ways. We subsequently consider strategy as a deliberate tool used to gain competitive advantage. It has now outgrown its application in knowledge management, having been in use by our group for several years in consultancy and action research in knowledge management, strategy, management, training, cultural change, policy-making, product development, market creation, and branding. Which is most useful today? The question then is: how is the appropriate position on that continuum of purely deliberate to purely emergent best established at any given time? I'll return to both Chaordic and Cynefin in future posts. For the more mathematically inclined reader, this paper argues that we might undertake short-term predictions of the future evolution of complex adaptive systems and, effectively, nudge them away from undesirable states — very appropriate in our context here.

For the sake of our investigation, we will assume that in order for strategy to be a tool, it must be considered deliberate.

Rather, we had to rely on management rules-of-thumb, maxims that endured when considered to be right more often than wrong.

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Obviously, this is right up my street. Oxford: Oxford University Press, The emergent strategies followed by smaller and weaker firms, such as the Greek food retailers, are for example subject to the downward pressures across all industries throughout the supply chain of systems integrator firms large and powerful MNCs who exercise control over the entire supply chain.

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The outcome of strategic thinking is an integrated perspective of the firm, a not too-precisely articulated vision of direction, such as the vision of Jim Clark, the founder of Silicon Graphics, that three-dimensional visual computing is the way to make computers easier.

Contradicting this, Mintzberg points out that IKEA in the later years adopted selling unassembled products as a lesson learned from a workers, who detached the legs of his table, to fit it in his car Cunningham and Harney I think it is an appealing approach to strategy formulation and change in organizations.

mintzberg emergent strategy pdf

Porter is in the U. Secondly, to corroborate theories and literature on strategy, politics and economics to introduce the political context, under which strategy can be described as either deliberate or emergent.

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Deliberate and emergent, by design