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Believers of the postmodernist theory, believe that postmodernism is a mixture of present, past, and future, more specifically, the cultural and spatial elements of these different times Lemert, Another way Dadaism influenced postmodern literature was in the development of collage, specifically collages using elements from advertisement or illustrations from popular novels the collages of Max Ernst, for example.

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An early 20th century example of intertextuality which influenced later postmodernists is " Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote " by Jorge Luis Borges , a story with significant references to Don Quixote which is also a good example of intertextuality with its references to Medieval romances. In fact, many scholars would say that Beloved is a great example of postmodernism. It is a rejection of realism which embraces the notion that literature is a created work and not bound by notions of mimesis and verisimilitude. One of the few things that have been empirically proven is that it indeed focuses on culture. Slavitt , describes a week in the life of a poet and his creation of a poem which, by the last couple of pages, proves remarkably prophetic. The modernistic literature revolves around themes of individuality, randomness of life, mistrust in the government and religion and disbelief in things that are true His paper on postmodernism tends towards the latter view, but at the same time prophetically pinpointed the essential departures that postmodernism has made from what has gone before. The work of Samuel Beckett is often seen as marking the shift from modernism to postmodernism in literature. About the time television first gasped and sucked air, mass popular U. While few would counter the assumption that it did fail, it can be argued that it massively changed history, and through answering the questions posed, this can also be addressed. Brian McHale details his main thesis on this shift, although many postmodern works have developed out of modernism, modernism is characterised by an epistemological dominant while postmodernism works are primarily concerned with questions of ontology.

When similar styles of writing occur from multiple writers during a time, that time becomes known as a period such as the Romantic Period or the Modern Period He has the first half of our century under his belt, but not on his back.

Although the war can be explained through a marxist mindset with the capitalistic United States invading Iraq for their oil surplus, Postmodernism best explains why the war occurred based on the news manipulation committed by the elite to persuade the American people to fight the war, when the elites had their own purposes of fighting The modernist period also saw a radical experimentation in literary form and expression.

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Burroughs uses science fiction, detective fiction, westerns; Margaret Atwood uses science fiction and fairy tales; Giannina Braschi mixes poetry, commercials, musical, manifesto, and drama; Umberto Eco uses detective fiction, fairy tales, and science fiction, and so on.

The Waste Land is often cited as a means of distinguishing modern and postmodern literature.

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The Second Bakery Attack stood out above all other literary releases of its time, receiving universally positive reviews and revolutionizing the way Japan viewed literature For example, Thomas Pynchon includes in his novels elements from detective fiction, science fiction, and war fiction; songs; pop culture references; well-known, obscure, and fictional history mixed together; real contemporary and historical figures Mickey Rourke and Wernher Von Braun for example ; a wide variety of well-known, obscure and fictional cultures and concepts.

It could also imply a reaction to significant post-war events: the beginning of the Cold Warthe Civil Rights Movementpostcolonialism Postcolonial literatureand the rise of the personal computer Cyberpunk and Hypertext fiction.

In regards to critical theory, this technique can be related to The Death of the Author by Roland Barthes.

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The story brings to life something from long ago that may or may not be fictional.

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