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To rearrange your scenes, you just drag and drop the index cards. But there are many, many more. Let us know in the comments below whether you currently use Scrivener or are going to give it a try.

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You may have had separate sections to contain each of your scenes and chapters. Low Price ProWritingaid really is inexpensive and affordable for most writers. For others, mobility and portability might be necessities.

This improves your writing style immensely. We improved that a while back, unless one is using a fairly old version of Scrivener, comments and footnotes are pretty resilient to external modification these days.

Well, premium grammar checkers like Grammarly and Ginger restrict the number of words you can scan at once.

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There are many tutorials online for learning how to work effectively with Scrivener to get the most out of this feature-rich program. It also provided a report with other suggestions. Is Your Content Safe from Plagiarism? It is very good, I have to say. This writing aid tool does more than just grammar check. It works as a writing mentor and evaluates your writing against the best writers in your genre. All the same reports and analysis are within the editor, but they are a little easier to find and view. Please note, the desktop app only works while connected to the internet. With the Chrome extension, it works like a charm and there is no lag or hesitation. And it can do it in real time. The tool does not store or save any text that you submit after the analysis ends. There is no doubt that the web editor is feature-rich and user-friendly. Here are some of my favourites: Use the All Repeats report to find words you overuse and replace them with alternatives.

This writing aid tool does more than just grammar check. What happens if the word that a footnote is associated with is changed or even deleted? The biggest factor in your decision will be how well a tool suits your specific needs.

However, some chapters in my book are based on articles I wrote for Forbes or published on Medium. Change the underlying text and all the highlights end up on the wrong text.

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