Reaction paper on japan earthquake

Everything was so sudden, that many people as me did not have the time to assimilate what had happened. Around 30 times more energy is released as the magnitude of an earthquake increases one unit, for example from magnitude 8 to 9. It occurred about 30 km offshore of Fukushima and generated a 60 cm tsunami. The earthquake may be an aftershock of the event. Twitter Two weeks have passed since the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 in northeastern Japan. However, it may be worthwhile to record the initial reflections from the first ten days following this unprecedented calamity which shook Japan and the world. A partial exodus of the foreign community in Japan also began to take place.

It should be possible to redevelop the area based on planned development where nature, industry, and living quarters can be created with their own identities but with mutual harmony. On Friday, meanwhile, some Twitter users just stated the obvious, repeating that there was an earthquake to try and get their head around it, all the while urging Japan on.

what were the responses to the japanese tsunami 2011

On the morning of March 13, two helicopters from the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan arrived in the vicinity of the devastated area to fly rescue food to refugee camps Asahi Shimbun, March 14, A dream opportunity for architects and landscape designers would emerge.

Hopefully, sometime in the future, the Japanese would be able to utilize this calamity as a springboard to create a new, never before imagined, Japan.

Reaction paper on japan earthquake

It is very unlikely that this earthquake will have a large impact on Japan. New housing and living quarters could be developed with designs that create harmony not only among the houses but with nature as well.

There was no looting or widespread panic reported. The devastation it brought took the Japanese people, inclusive the Government by surprise. Americans care about Japan. People who live in the region have been advised to evacuate with authorities taking no chances after the disaster. The fact that I can lead a normal life over here while the Japanese people are suffering so much fills me with profound guilt. You can now understand better all the destruction in human lives and material resources it caused and that you had already seen in the news. Four essential characteristics should be incorporated in the creation of this new Japan. The March 11 Earthquake and Tsunami The first information to reach the public was of the unprecedented might of the earthquake and the ensuing tsunami. Some added little, just advising that an earthquake had happened. The reports of those who lost the people dearest to them continue on television and the Internet. Aftershocks will continue in the region for days to weeks to come.

It indicates east-west extension within the overriding plate, presumably due to the relaxation of horizontal stress that built up before the event.

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Japan earthquake and tsunami: what happened and why