Religion and human rights essay

When religion and human rights are joined together, as they were for example in the civil rights movement and, although often ignored if not forgotten, as they were in the early days of the human rights movement, this power has been transformational. None of this has stopped—and for reasons we will discuss, will never stop—people from fighting back.

Indeed, right after their Faith-based affirmation of human rights, the Latin American bishops expressed a deep concern about daily abuse.

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This unprecedented and startling inequality and growing impoverishment represents a serious threat to democracy. Instead of advancing for the common good the moral values at the heart of religious traditions it represents the exploitation of faith to serve destructive ideological and political power.

No one spoke on behalf of those killed.

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Hence, the founding fathers of the UDHR with the founding mother Eleanor Roosevelt in the forefront refrained from any deeper grounding of that faith in the dignity and worth of the human person, which the preamble reaffirms.

In Latin Trinity is define as threefoldness, fundamental doctrine in Christianity, by which God is considered as existing in three persons One of the most persecuted religious groups right now, is the Muslim religion.

De Swaan, A.

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Religion and Human Rights: A Dialectical Relationship