Rhyming scheme in dulce et decorum est and whos for the game

These last two lines are extremely powerful.

similarities between whos for the game and dulce et decorum est

The two poems I have chosen to compare are both about the first world war. These things happened in the trenches and many are not aware of it.

whos for the game analysis

All the sounds of the guns and dropping gas shells, how the dead were just discarded onto a wagon and how the soldiers were attacked with gas are violent images and sounds.

However poetically it is a very simple verse, and, to me, reflecting back on the tragedies that happened, it is almost nauseating to think that Jessie Pope was responsible for persuading men to go to war. After all who would want to go to war if they knew it was more than likely that they would never come home.

dulce et decorum est analysis

The poet ends it in a way that it changes the readers mind after reading the poem as it gives the reader a new perspective to them. Innocent people are willing to believe the lie but they will, of course, learn differently once they experience the war first hand, and this is why Owen was so bitter towards Jessie Pope and other such war poets, because they had helped to convince men to effectively sign their own death warrants.

Both these poems make the reader feel strongly about war.

When was whos for the game written

This poem shows the horrors and the things that happened during war for example men trying to put their mask on when the enemy throws gas bombs at them. The poet deliberately shocks the readers by describing in detail of the soldiers death. This irony is illustrated in a clever juxtaposition at the end of the poem. In contrast Pope uses a lot of punctuation because it makes her poem have short, easy, memorable sentences. However, nothing too bad that the man cannot cope with. The poem has an Ab Ab rhyme scheme, which is constant throughout it make the poem sound light hearted and jolly. The first is that of sleep or dreams — Owen himself suffered from unspeakable nightmares as a symptom of shell shock, and this was reflected in his poetry. This worked many a time, as it would manipulate the man into joining up, as he would not want to be seen as weaker. Within her poem, Pope uses many questions, which involve the reader more, and, together with the use of everyday language give the poem a less formal feel. Pope suggests these two types of men are opposites. This makes the poem sound light hearted. This was a time when the battles he experienced were still fresh in his mind and the truth about war was not cloud- ed by further life experiences….
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Comparison essay on who’s for the game and Dulce et Decorum est Essay