Role of media in democracy research paper

A select group of participants, representing the media sector and the civil society, emphasized on the active role of journalists and newspapers in addressing social problems. Organized groups and associations of varied types have proliferated in recent years. Even the largest selling dailies do not exceed a circulation ofcopies.

role of media in indian politics

For this purpose the media has assembled into the most crucial aspect of our era, influencing every citizen settling the unease relating to media responsibility today, but also challenging to characterize the importance of the responsibility.

Hence, King Mahendra was essentially concerned with the national order-- the international image and security of Nepal-- than with civic empowerment.

role of media in indian democracy pdf

It is easy and inexpensive to create customized programme for different regions. The news media's contribution at this stage could be bridging the expert-public gap, facilitating deliberation, and promoting civility.

Today, media is considered the fourth pillar of the state all over the world.

role of media in democracy pdf

In addition the media has built into for the most part fundamental feature of our era, influencing every citizen rather it is politics, the law, or other social issues. It rates the performance of these institutions as the people rate them and is a critic to all the policies formed and laws enacted.

Especially in the developing country, media is used as an effective tool for mass awareness. Kathmandu: Nepal Press Institute. But this is no reason to retract from good projects that can work for the better. The narratives, by all means, could include interviews with ordinary citizens-- not just victims of corruption but the tainted faces, and the police as well.

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The impact of the mass media on the quality of democracy