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Thus, it is not death but its concept, which is horrible. Consequently, Antonius chased temptation and strayed into disrepute, Claudius gained praise for his unerring resolution, sagacity and influence.

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In moments of vulnerability when men pull their guards down, they are inundated by such passions and desires and it leads to further misery. Sir Francis Bacon encourages his readers to accept death as a law of nature.

When a person dies, people appreciate him.

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The thoughts are efficiently expressed and to the point. Similarly, due to boredom and feelings of monotony, a person may kill himself. A person should concentrate on doing good deeds; if he does so, he would suffer less pain at the time of death. His expression is abrupt and uses direct, simple language. Bacon interestingly illustrates that why will a person do wrong to someone? He also mentions proverbs of old philosophers, through which he strengthens his stance. He has also read philosophy of ancient Romans; therefore, he supports his depositions through examples and solid references. On the flipside, there have been wise people who have refused to be conquered by the allurements of love and used their intellect and wits to remain to the snares and tricks of flirtation and temptation. Bacon has aptly and effectively demonstrated his singular ability to express himself aphoristically and epigrammatically in his writings. It is more delightful to make one repent than to hurt. Watch complete video based on this article Three Types of studies in the Eyes of Sir Francis Bacon: From the very beginning of the essay, Sir Francis Bacon divides studies into three categories; in fact, these three types are benefits of studies. A man of honor; he can die to protect his honor.

Being scientist and lawyer, Bacon also served as Lord Chancellor of England. It has many meanings; discourse has different types; romantic, professional, religious, motivational, debate etc.

francis bacon essays summary

Even the feeblest desire of a person subdues the fear of death.

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Of Love By Francis Bacon Summary And Analysis