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He can be perceived as a prophet of his time who revolutionized from his very being a drastic change, because with his life as an example he went from words to actions. The boy turned on his father, and in a vicious event that eventually resulted into a public scene.

The search for Truth, Goodness and Beauty — in a way, that sums up the life of St. Francis managed to pass through enemy lines and meet with the Sultan who was very impressed but did not want to convert. He gave all that he had to the poor so that they could live a betterlife.

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The road runs along the side of Subasio: on the left rise the curves of the broad mountain shoulder, here green with woods and there showing the bare rocks: on the right the ground slopes away gently, clothed in the uniform soft pallor of the olive.

It canalized the Franciscan Order into the Church. So it often happened that as he healed a body, God also healed the soul, for the same thing often happened to Christ. What can you do though that the others have not done? She too wanted to live a life of prayer and poverty, and Francis welcomed her.

And then he spoke simply and clearly, using word s that everyone would understand.

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With him, the wheel has turned full circle: we are back again in the gold-illuminated days of the apostles and of the early catacombs, the days when to be a Christian was to be carefree, before the heretics and arisen and the disputatious theologians has assumed the role of lawgivers.

He started visiting the marketplace in Assisi and there talking about God.

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St. Francis Of Assisi Essay