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Back at the mission, Tambu's old friends, Maidei and Jocelyn, are no longer kind to her. The effector acts on this signal for the fifth element. The most common symptoms are stiffness of muscles, tremors, and trouble walking.

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Speaking up about oppression can liberate a person, so the people in charge do not want the oppressed to speak up. She asks to be excused for bed but he insists until Thomas says that she works too hard and should be allowed to go to bed. Get Essay She remembers how her father was always grateful for the generosity of his brother, who had educated himself and thus found financial success. It helped to make structure of my essay. In , after nearly a decade of bloody war, Rhodesia became the internationally recognized and independent state of Zimbabwe. That Sunday, Tambu decides to go to church, having missed the fun and laughter. Tambu hears Nyasha, Chido and their mother hold a conversation in rapid English. Tambu finds Nhamo seems to have trouble speaking Shona when he returns home from the mission. When Babamukuru and his family return from England, Nhamo and Jeremiah take the trip to meet them at the airport while Tambu and her mother scramble to find the provisions for a feast. Considering his attitudes, it seems unlikely that he would have done this duty. Tsitsi Dangarembga explores the indistinct notion of class and privilege in her novel Nervous Conditions. Tambu is warned by many not to forget anyone; however, she cannot understand how she could ever forget her family or friends.

As the semester progresses, Tambu throws herself into her studies intently. That seems to be the beginning of the healing for Nyasha, but Tambu worries about her uncle, who hasn't the luxury of tears to wash away some of his pain.

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She says that she wants to keep her thoughts on her mother's condition to herself. Maiguru finds the confidence to express her unhappiness to her husband and leaves him to go live with her brother. Nyasha asks Tambu to join her outside for a cigarette. Tambu is selected for one of only two scholarships offered. The unappreciated wife Delia who is the main character who refuses to be driven out of her home by the second main character her husband, Sykes. While this was done only with Tambu's feelings in mind, Maiguru also seems to have a tendency to go overboard. Matimba's advice, Tambu gives the money to the school headmaster to keep safe, so that she can use it to pay her school fees for the next few years. Chapter 7: Tambu goes home to visit her family after having spent time at Babmukurus home. This requirement terrified the white Europeans in Rhodesia and led to several attempts to create an independent state under white rule, none of which were recognized by the international community. Back at the mission, Tambu's old friends, Maidei and Jocelyn, are no longer kind to her. Without Babamukuru's support, Tambu's family struggled.

For example, when dinner resumes after Nyasha has made gravy, Maiguru insists that her husband have a fresh plate and fresh portions of the food. Maiguru strains the tea, and Tambu thinks to compare it to the tea on the homestead to see which is better.

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They never manage to make it as clean as it should have been, and the two girls revert to using the bathroom in the bushes. Though she doesn't explain these, it seems evident that she's considering that the prejudice against women isn't fair and that it's not merely a burden for women to carry, as her mother says. The girls talk long into the night. There is always someone who loses and who gains during a crisis. Matimba for putting a little girl to work selling mealies. The function of any enzyme is to act as a catalyst, lowering the energy of activation and increasing the rate of a reaction. She is also very quiet, unlike the young girl who chattered all the time when she helped Tambu's family during the time of Nhamo's death. Babamukuru says that Nhamo must move to the mission school for the next school term. He felt a responsibility to his mother and had a family of his own, including his wife, Maiguru. Her father won't allow her to come see Tambu, thinking it would "spoil" Tambu. Jeremiah falls to his knees and thanks God for giving him a saint as a brother.

Much to everyone's surprise, Babamukuru finds Lucia a job, cooking food at the girls' hostel. Just after New Years Day, Babamukuru summons a meeting to determine the fate of Takesure, while the women listen at the door. Chapters One and Two Analysis The family farms and Tambu says that much of the work is difficult manual labor.

The main cause of their rebellious act is their struggle with female oppression.

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Maiguru asks if he believes it unsuitable and he says that he does. Maiguru says that Nyasha picked up "Anglicized" habits in England and that it's difficult teaching her proper manners now that they have returned home.

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Jeremiah says all these things point to an evil presence and suggests that they bring in a "good medium," have beer and a sacrificial ox, and call the clan together for a cleansing ritual.

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