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At the end of this process, you will have a very clearly defined statement of: Who you will be selling to customers and market segments ; Why they will buy from you and not your competitors the value proposition ; and The key things you need to excel at to be able to consistently deliver your value proposition. What will Barcelona do when Messi retires? You can also follow tutor2uBusiness on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel , or join our popular Facebook Groups. Communicate your competitive advantage in your appearance, your resume, and your interview. JIT Effective use of technology in the production process Access to the most effective distribution channels Differentiation focus In the differentiation focus strategy, a business aims to differentiate within just one or a small number of target market segments. What is Sustainable Competitive Advantage and how to develop it? Using your sustainable competitive advantage in your sales and marketing makes it easier for your customers to understand why they should part with their dollars and give them to you rather than your competitors. In the last article — Competitive Advantage — the Messi of your business , I made an analogy as to how Competitive Advantage is like Messi for Barcelona. Cost leadership With this strategy, the objective is to become the lowest-cost producer in the industry. Businesses that have understood this and followed a Sustainable Competitive Advantage strategy have remained to be the market leaders in their industry for an extremely long time. Target market. Once you've got the job, continuing communicating your advantage in your work performance. Cost Leadership and Differentiation. We only want to buy the stocks of companies that are real value investments, not value traps.

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Many small businesses are able to establish themselves in a niche market segment using this strategy, achieving higher prices than un-differentiated products through specialist expertise or other ways to add value for customers. The iPod was innovative because it allowed users to play whatever music they wanted, in any order. Understand what your strengths and core competencies are and how you can use these in innovative ways to provide value to your chosen market. Companies that have pricing power are usually taking advantage of high barriers to entry or have earned the dominant position in their market. Design your business model to support and deliver the value proposition. You must reinforce that message in every communication to your customers. Low-cost advantage gives the company tremendous pricing power. The case of Coffee Day A powerful brand can provide a sustainable competitive advantage to the company. In the earlier blog, we saw how Messi delivered the competitive advantage to Barcelona. At its most basic level, there are three key types of sustainable competitive advantage. For example, service levels, quality, branding, pricing, et cetera. Of course, Barca can maintain its competitive advantage to remain successful if it can find a player such as Messi as a replacement when he retires, provided other elements remain constant. The lower cost of production gives it the cost advantage allowing it to price its products lower than competitors. Many perhaps all market segments in the industry are supplied with the emphasis placed on minimising costs. In addition, low pricing done consistently can build brand loyalty be a huge competitive advantage i.

What will Barcelona do when Messi retires? It's especially difficult to do them year in and year out.

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The cost and differentiation advantages give the firm a positional advantage — either in any one or both. Value advantage: the business provides a differentiated offering that is perceived to be of superior value.

Their either use cost leadership or differentiation to do that.

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For example, service levels, quality, branding, pricing, et cetera. These are two strategies for the same objective.

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Five steps to get a sustainable competitive advantage