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A chilling, dark and harrowing drama, I Live in Fear is a rather unsubtle display of a world in which the most atrocious dangers were revoked as standard procedure.

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It all comes out in the finale of Consternation wherein Jesus intercepts a fight to rescue Hank, then promptly performs a Mercy Kill on the latter. Hank J.

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Dishing Out Dirt : By the end of the Dedmos Adventures he gains the ability to kill enemies and seemingly teleport using large slabs of stone, and has repaired lost flesh by replacing it with rock armor. Shakespeare, William. When the mother enquires about her son, the husband of the young woman, who also went to war along with Hachi, he informs her that her son was killed in battle and that Hachi himself was lucky to survive. They Killed Kenny Again : Hank manages to die once in nearly every episode, surviving only in the original, Aggregation, and Abrogation. Ax-Crazy : The very first Madness Combat had him killing thirty people over a boombox and admitting to having a good time doing it. Badass Normal : One of the few characters who is not enhanced in any way at all and yet holds his own against multiple enemies just fine. Sanford is likely the serious badass one of the team; he seems pretty savvy on the field in handling the guns and going close combat, whilst Deimos is comparatively less so and acts a lot more comically. Heroic Sacrifice : He dies ensuring that Hank gets revived by a Magnification Chamber after being cornered at the control panel and shot multiple times. Throughout the play, Hamlet displays pessimistic thoughts and negativity. It's also bulletproof, and still packs every bit as much punch.

Flight : One of the powers granted by his halo is to defy gravity and levitate. Looks Like Jesus : Even before he got the halo!

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The film opens to regular, run of the mill goings on, such as a woman setting the table, a man at work, children playing in the street, then a wanted poster for a serial killer who is targeting children. When he put it on, it gives him the powers of flight and disintegration ray. And it's become clear by Abrogation and especially Expurgation that he is feeling every single one. Super Strength : Hank, an otherwise Badass Normal , can rip a man's body parts off with his bare hands also included are hearts and cheeks , and impale people with blunt objects just as easily as with swords or knives. However, when the older woman discovers that her daughter in law has been having a relationship with Hachi, she turns manic. These seemingly-unproductive members of society needed to be separated from the more functional members of society. Very few other characters have all of these traits, which makes him stand out quite a bit. Hank even allows him to Mercy Kill him, in a manner that seems to have been mutually agreed. They varied in their techniques as well as their national contexts, Tuke in England and Pinel in France. During these episodes, Hank , for unknown reasons, seeks to assassinate the Sheriff , who is under the protection of Jesus. It's possible the Emergency Transformation just made him bigger and gave him a cool mutant arm. Divergent Character Evolution : Starts out as a simple enough character with a halo and goatee, before eventually gaining facial features, bandages and extra bits to his costume.

The duo then takes their spoils to a sleazy merchant to trade for food, where they discuss the events of an ongoing war. The Hero : He's the main character and is referred to as "Our Hero" in the earlier installments, though he does very little to live up to the title.

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Seemingly growing tired of fighting, dying and being resurrected repeatedly, Hank is given a merciful rest by Jebus. The madness of each of these characters ultimately ends in tragedy. As morning approaches, the group mysteriously find it impossible to leave and now feel hostage to this plush but joyless estate.

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