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How can this be resolved?

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Some useful starting points may be: Demonstrate your willingness to meet others at least halfway by learning a few phrases in their language.

Today, both cultural and communication has evolved considerably and have become interdependent of one another.

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How have these different cultures and identities affected your life? In such cases, an effective communication strategy begins with the understanding that the sender of the message and the receiver of the message are from different cultures and backgrounds.

Ask questions to make sure that you have understood, and ask others to recap what you have said to ensure that they have understood you.

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But in order to build relationships with people of different cultures, we have to become aware of the misinformation we acquired. Everyone wants to care and be cared about.

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In addition, in building relationships with parents, we develop lines of communication, so when conflicts arise, they can be more easily resolved. Once you have made the decision to make friends with people different from yourself, you can go ahead and make friends with them in much the same way as with anyone else. Young people from immigrant families who grow up in the U. Bringing non-mainstream groups into the center of civic activity can provide fresh perspectives and shed new light on tough problems. And sadly avoid humor until you know that the person you're communicating with "gets it" and isn't offended by it. Put yourself in situations where you will meet people of other cultures; especially if you haven't had the experience of being a minority, take the risk. Presently, many definitions of culture indicate the close relationship between culture and communication. There are plenty of free language resources available on the internet so there is no excuse for ignorance. Continue to:. What are your next steps?
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Intercultural Communication Essay