The role of law enforcement officers in society

A normal duty shift might include transporting a drunk driver to a detoxification facility, intervening in a domestic assault, citing underage drinkers, apprehending a shoplifter, handling a traffic accident, investigating burglaries and executing search warrants.

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When this occurs, that "warrior mindset" that serves so well to protect the officer on the job can very quickly drive a wedge between the police and their citizens. The problem of how to enforce laws while preserving rights is not at all new.

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History also helps to explain this diversity; e. While patrolling and apprehending criminals will still be an important part of the job as a police officer, considerable time will also be devoted to public outreach and proactive problem-solving.

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Since the territory to cover may be very large and characterized by difficult terrain, police in such regions must have the long-range mobility and adaptability that are characteristic of military forces. Most police agencies also require officers to successfully complete a police academy skills course, on-the-job training and a licensing exam. It is republished here with their permission. Numerous factors help to explain the diversity of police activities and systems. According to Peel: The police force exists to maintain order and prevent crime. However, in many Anglo-Saxon countries—such as Australia , Canada , the United Kingdom, and the United States—there are at least twice as many private security agents as public police officers. However, the field is competitive. Download preview PDF. Moreover, when new laws are created, crime increases almost necessarily. Visit almost any police academy , and you will hear much of the same. That is especially true in what has been particularly bloody month — killings of five police officers in Dallas, three in Baton Rouge, La.

Articles, and even books such as Radley Balko's Rise of the Warrior Cop, have raised concerns for what the perceived militarization of police means for law enforcement and citizens.

The indigenous non-professional: A strategy of change in community action and community mental health programs.

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Second, the courts are entrusted to safeguard the respect of due process by the police. The idea is to encourage officers to be ready to face any challenge in the fight against crime. Through hard work and willingness to learn from mistakes, you can persevere and thrive. Along with traditional duties, police officers today engage in many proactive initiatives. Continue Reading. The relative weakness of informal controls is attributable to a number of factors. Say hello. Such situations are characterized by two features: their potential for harm and the need to solve them urgently before they develop that potential. In practice, though, it means smarter police officers who demonstrate a strength of mind, will, and character first, and brawn or force second -- and only then when absolutely necessary. Finally, as societies grow, it becomes more difficult for people to place the public interest ahead of their private interests in circumstances where the two may conflict. Google Scholar Wilson, J.

You'll have to prove yourself to coworkers and convince your field training officer that you're competent. However, the field is competitive. Social Problems, ,17, — To some, it may be a difference without distinction.

First, it defines police by their ends rather than by the specific means that they use to achieve their goals. Download preview PDF.

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Role of a Police Officer