The trends and effects of divorce

Hetherington EM, Kelly J.

Effects of divorce on children

Most importantly, all of the programs studied served mostly white, middle-class families, not the low-income and diverse populations that would be included in a wider government initiative. This gave us confidence that MFIP did indeed reduce marital instability. Sign up for our twice-monthly email newsletter. This…is the only way to avoid an almost certain divorce. Second, an emerging body of evidence suggests that marital education, family counseling, and related services can improve middle-class couples' communication and problem-solving skills, resulting initially in greater marital satisfaction and, in some cases, reduced divorce, although these effects appear to fade over time. If single parenthood is a problem, that problem cuts across race and ethnicity. Indeed, social policymaking based on correlation has an uncanny way of ending with unintended consequences.

Marriage education refers to services that help couples who are married or planning to marry to strengthen their communication and problem-solving skills and thus their relationships.

The rationale is reasonably straightforward: About a third of all children born in the United States each year are born out of wedlock.

effects of divorce on society

Divorcing in middle and late life Although most divorces occur in early adulthood to couples whose marriages have lasted less than a decade, divorcing is not unheard of in the second half of life.

The career divorced Divorce early in adulthood has been linked to both advantages and disadvantages in later life. Divorcing in earlier adulthood has been shown to have some long-term positive consequences for older adults.

social consequences of divorce

The Administration of Children and Families within the U. They questioned why the focus was on low-income families when the normative changes underlying the growth in single-parent households permeated throughout society, as witnessed by the prevalence of divorce across all economic classes.

The trends and effects of divorce

But the divorce effects waned by the five-year follow-up point, even while marital satisfaction remained high for those couples who stayed together Schultz and Cowan, Because of family interdependencies, individuals may be affected by events such as divorce even when they occur to someone other than themselves. In fact, there is some evidence that second marriages can actually be harmful to adolescents. What We Don't Know While the evidence base on marital education is extensive, there is much left to learn. Toronto: Umbrella Press. For example, they are less likely to drop out of school, become a teen parent, be arrested, and be unemployed. Since Daniel Patrick Moynihan first lamented what he identified as the decline of the black family in his report, The Negro Family: The Case for National Action, marriage has been a controversial subject for social policy and scholarship. About one-third of the half-million divorces granted that year were to men age forty and over, and 25 percent involved women in midlife or beyond. Marriage, Divorce, and Single Parenthood Encouraging and supporting healthy marriages is a cornerstone of the Bush Administration's proposed policies for addressing the poverty-related woes of single-parent households and, importantly, for improving the well-being of low-income children.
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The Effects of Marriage and Divorce on Families and Children