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A comparative review of the degree of sustainable logistics management practices between emerging countries and differences between them.

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Big Data analytics provide a powerful tool to companies, as the new data streams generated by IoT produce much greater amounts of data which common software cannot process. The case studies analysis that follows showcase the advantages and benefits of implementing Logistics 4. Cost factors in logistics- analysis of firm perspectives and implementation strategies to provide for logistics integration cost. The set goals for the interviews are to have a list of the major risks according to the experts, categorized by their significance and their impact to their firm. How do small retailers maximize logistical value? The evolving role of the Relationship Development Manager in developing trust and maintaining efficient supply chains- primary investigation from the UK healthcare sector. Another revolutionary technology which was briefly mentioned above is The Internet of Things and its subsidiary technologies, such as sensor technology, with the ability to connect individual components of the supply chain together into a central system in order to enable digitalization and optimize processes Macaulay et al. Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Figure 2. Macaulay et al. By the time that their products have short expiration dates it is obvious to realize that he was not able of retaining an inventory, so they could handle the crisis smoothly. Holding inventory is a crucial role of the warehouse as it affects a number of operations and activities, such as better customer service and prevention of the fluctuation of demand affecting production and sales, while also being of great importance to the costs written above. Small warehouses are used for sortation into small vehicle loads, which are then ready for delivery Ballou, The impact that information technology has upon the logistics industry. Furthermore, the supermarket will fill in a questionnaire for categorizing specific risks according to their significance.

Features displayed: a Automatic order placement, b flexible address, c delivery notification, d returned goods request, e collection route optimization Macaulay et al.

Analyzing whether the increase of the concept concerned with intermodal, international logistics is impacting the functioning of various manufacturing companies? Samples Collection Of 15 Interesting Dissertation Topics In Logistics Logistics can be said to involve managing the flow of information plus goods along with other resources, encompassing energy as well as people, and that among the area of origin going to the area of consumption so as to satisfy what the consumers want.

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This leads us to another role a warehouse performs, which is the role of the consolidation center, bringing together several product lines which customers would rather have delivered together than separate Richards, In the fifth chapter, ten 10 case studies were analyzed, five 5 dealing with warehouse operations and five 5 regarding freight transportation. The focus on the case study will be to bring into the surface if there are any mistakes from the supplier or the retailers actions concerning the risk management process, to learn what their risk management plan was and to examine if there was any further actions that could help the super market to avoid this disruptions. My Market is the third biggest retail Super Market in the country with 58 stores in their network. Chapter 2 Logistics Operations: Processes and Characteristics 2. They are responsible for launching in the Greek Market, Heineken and Amstel brand names among others. An overview of inherent risks in logistics management and the strategies to minimize them. Such exoskeleton support is developed by Panasonic Burgess, Figure 4. The emerging technologies mentioned above have the potential to drive the logistics industry towards digitalization and automation, which will sequentially lead to increased productivity and operational efficiency Noronha et al. An investigative analysis of the trends and challenges in supply chains- impact of globalization and the digital revolution.

These services are comprised of physical activities e. In the first part the posed questions have to do with the kind of risks that their companies are currently facing.

The fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4. Due to the fact that Stergiou had exclusive partnerships with many organizations, that disruption led them to be inefficient in supplying specific kind of products to them.

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Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Figure 1. As a result, Logistics 4. Therefore, experts who are competent in supply chain and logistics management processes will very likely emerge as candidates for executive positions in the near future. Which points to keep in mind when trying to satisfy customers when it comes to logistics. The first part of the interview is to know better the interlocutor, in order to feel familiar with each other. Despite trying to mitigate the disruption, they could not find a way to put back in truck the production of the fresh bread and sandwiches, by the time that their expiration date was of four days maximum. A digital supply chain produces immediate results which can be seen due to real-time data processing offering greater and more responsive insights PwC, It became a function that has a vital importance in terms of logistics enterprises which was perceived as only a military concept years ago, later it was thought to be limited with transportation and storage activities but today its borders are still broadening. Furthermore, the supermarket will fill in a questionnaire for categorizing specific risks according to their significance. You can consider the above topics if you are involved in the field of logistics and have to write a dissertation. This ineffectiveness led My Market to have shortages in the above mentioned products for at least two months that Stergiou could not deliver them. The dates after this incident, Stergiou decided that they could cover the production of buns and cakes, which have a little bit longer expiration date almost a month and a daily production was not necessary, from their bakery stores instead of the production unit.

The framework presents five necessary phases for the implementation, enabling the company to properly deal with the challenges that emerge.

Logistics operators and companies with in-house logistics have been using technological aids and systems such as Voice Picking, Warehouse Management Systems, Fleet Management Systems, Routing software solutions, etc. The focus of the interviews will be in the supply chain risk management process that is followed by the company and what are the costs of implementation.

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Therefore the biggest weight was on the retailers reaction. List of dissertation topics on logistics and supply chain management The following is a comprehensive list of research topics in logistics and supply chain management to help you get started: A review of policies and regulations in logistics and supply chain models from the transport perspective in the UK.

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