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Urban sprawl

New York: Guilford Press, Public Services Many urban areas in the developing world are growing faster than the governments can provide services and infrastructure for. This housing discrimination means that an individual or family is treated unequally when trying to buy, sell or rent housing properties, based on race, social class, sexuality, religion, or any other characteristic. A majority of 53 percent remained in the South, while 40 percent lived in the North and 7 percent in the West. With the complementary advancements in transportation, factories now had the option of locating outside of the city where they could capture savings from cheaper land. Growth and decline in urban areas can both bring problems for the people living there. Another factor that opened up the rest of the United States for urban development was a change in the cost of obtaining energy.

Scholars have noted the often extraordinary efforts that whites have taken to avoid living near black people, and how real-estate agents, predatory investors, and banks have exploited this sentiment Hirsch ; Sugrue More townspeople with urban skills moved during the second migration.

Instead they frequently faced more of the treatment they had sought to escape Groh The concentration of low income groups in one area of a city can lead to urban decay because of poverty.

Houses that cannot be sold to predatory cash-only investors are often simply abandoned. New Haven: Yale University Press, Rappaport, Jordan.

Solutions to urban decline

July Learn how and when to remove this template message Large French cities are often surrounded by areas of urban decay. Glaeser, Edward and Jesse Shapiro. As more people leave, even more businesses close. Many of the old residents move away because they can't afford to pay the increased rent. Social conflict can take a variety of forms but it is particularly impactful when it occurs between unequal groups. Within such narratives, blacks in northern cities were disproportionately affected by processes of land abandonment primarily because they were the most disadvantaged group when the economic conditions reached their nadir. Abandonment is simply an economic process, while other factors, like race, are outside the parameters of consideration. While these approaches vary significantly in political intent and analytical approach, none explicitly positions racism against black people in northern cities as a significant causal force in the production of land abandonment. The emptying of American Rust Belt cities is thus not just a passive response to the pressures of deindustrialization. Racism is happening in parallel to this, and is perhaps an exacerbating force, but not a causal one driving it. Urban renewal demolished entire neighborhoods in many inner cities; in many ways, it was a cause of urban decay rather than a remedy. It's usually the consequence of employment, educational and lifestyle opportunities. The short answer: not very well. Discrimination can therefore promote unemployment, which in turn promotes poverty, street gangs and illegal drug-trafficking activities and other crimes. These areas are zones of abandonment.

Glaeser, Edward and Albert Saiz. This happened in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts after the Big Dig, a project that put an old elevated highway underground.

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Americans began demanding more and improved roads to capitalize on the mobility made possible by the car. Over a fifty-year period from tothe proportion of goods manufactured using electrical power soared from 0.

Three major urban decay issues

Things such as narrow streets cause traffic congestion and can force people and investment away. March Learn how and when to remove this template message The United Kingdom experienced severe urban decay in the s and s exemplified by The Specials ' hit single " Ghost Town ". Major cities like Glasgow , the towns of the South Wales valleys , and some of the major industrial cities like Manchester , Liverpool and Newcastle upon Tyne , along with East London , experienced population decline due to counterurbanization , with large areas of 19th-century housing experiencing market price collapse. In the most extreme version of this thesis, Glaeser and Shleifer , p. This carries with it social issues. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. Cut backs on police and fire services may result, while lobbying for government funded housing may increase. The design included a public transportation rail station, and a large park area between the two buildings. New York: Russell Sage Foundation,

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Issues of Growth & Decline in Urban Areas