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Look for simulators whose sensors scan a large area so players have the freedom to hit from different locations in the hitting bay. Because of this, you will get golfers of all skill levels in your facility.

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Some businesses succeed…most fail. That has ramifications for the systems you choose and how you set them up. So what has changed? Again this speaks to the issue of being everything to everybody. Most players who stay with the sport play without custom-fit equipment. Collapse Virtual Golf is a Viable Small Business Idea For Entrepreneurs For those who are looking for a great small business idea that requires relatively little capital to start, opening an indoor golf simulator business is a great way to go. The addition of mini-games, expanded driving ranges and driving range games helps to break up the monotony and make playing on a simulator fun for golfers of all ages. There is a decent market for off-season golfers, who are mostly focused on game play, tournaments, entertainment and practise. Over 1, visitors have downloaded our indoor golf business plan to date. There are successful facilities that have only one simulator and there are facilities with more than It became a game of who could create the most realistic representation of an outdoor environment and sell the truest golf experience indoors. That is why we have chosen to ensure that those with internal responsibilities are also stakeholders in the business. If you are opening a high-end facility, catering to the wealthy and they walk in and see a giant dance floor with neon lights, that customer is going to walk out and never come back. You want to encourage you customers to play comfortably but quickly. For example if you have four simulators, two are reserved for tee times in 9- or hole increments.

Golfers on average are willing to drive 20 minutes from their house or work to go golfing. The ability to stream golf tournaments is revolutionizing the indoor golf industry. Driving range customers will be seriously attracted, due their continual frustration of only seeing ball flight and not knowing why each shot went a certain direction and how far.

It will cost you. Create two scenarios to calculate hourly operating costs for conservative and aggressive rentals. Then, circle back to sim equipment. Some businesses succeed…most fail.

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To add to Ookie's quote There are basically two types of indoor golf facility users: 1. Also they helped with a survey to estimate potential demand, all around very helpful. Rent or Purchase an Adequately Sized Facility One of the most important considerations for your virtual golf business is having the space you need to allow golfers to use their whole swing without the worry of striking another golfer or equipment. This accommodates those who want to spend time on the practice range or work on their short game. Having a teaching professional on staff makes us the only facility in Canada with a full time pro during the winter. This may seem like a simple questions but it is not. They will be able to have the interactive and competitive aspects which they love even if they come alone, playing against other people at other franchise locations. Try promotions on social media such as Facebook and Groupon to offer specials to entice players. Most golfers are more accustom to this way of paying for golf which makes it easier for you as well as your customers. This is the heart of your business. If you need direction on which simulator to purchase, consider joining a golf simulator forum or other online community to get guidance. In addition, you have to think about the other build out costs e. This is great in concept but it only adds to the novelty of the experience.

Trying to push each others ventures will prove to only provide mutual benefits by increasing awareness for our business in the winter months and for theirs in the summer months. Now there is a whole new dimension added to the world of indoor golf.

To reward our customer loyalty, free simulator time, membership discounts and booking priority will be awarded to those who stick with us for the long run. Most of the time, in dealing with customers looking to open an indoor facility, I will recommend starting small and growing the number of simulators as the business matures.

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Hard data is captured which they can track, share and keep in their history.

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Virtual Golf is a Viable Small Business Idea For Entrepreneurs