With what ethnic cultural or other groups do you identify describe what members of your social circl

I met with the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education in the School of Computer Science, Allan Fisherand the idea of the two of us collaborating to tackle this problem seemed like a good fit. Computer science also must wrestle with all of the ethical and social responsibility issues that have emerged—such as issues of privacy, giving a platform to hate groups etc.

Prior to the civil rights movement, people of color were violently denied access to public swimming areas pools, beachesand this access is still not equal. How is computing power harnessed to collect data on us all?

What does your family tree look like? It is all outrageous. First, Computer Science is a thinking skill of our new world. Sometimes while studying computer science education, you must step out of your own narrow world to understand the bigger picture of inequality and segregation.

In our current research model, our research team and educators sit down together to talk about our research design, to review the observation notes and interview transcripts, and conduct the analysis and write up results as a team.

If you just look at California, you see how this plays out.

what is ethnic culture
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